How To Trust in His Perfect Timing in 2 Steps


One of the major challenges that many people have today is in getting over the need to have things happen by their personal timeline. Frankly, almost everybody has goals and targets which they set for their future, with the aim to achieve those milestones that they deem to be important in a timely manner. Fair enough. 

One of the important factors that you must never overlook is your understanding on how God’s timing works. There is divine wisdom in His decisions to bring things into reality, setting everything in the chain of your life’s events to fall into place in proper motion, and into their appropriate places. 

Do you believe that God is The Most Wise? And do you trust Him to always do the right thing? Therefore, do you then accept that the BEST thing will happen for you at the most PERFECT time in your life?

1. Keep believing God’s Timing is the best 

Whenever I deny my kids something they so desperately want, the usual reaction I get is that they will scream in anger, throw a tantrum, and cry loudly - sometimes for up to ten minutes, or they sulk and turn away from me and go to my wife instead. 

And then I said to myself, “Wow. Isn’t that how most adults behave towards God too when we don’t get what we want, at our timing?” We get angry and frustrated, and we throw our anger at those around us. 

Some of us may cry uncontrollably, daily - for weeks, or months. And then there are those who sulk. They give up asking from God altogether. Fatigue from asking and waiting sets in. So they selfishly and arrogantly turn away from Him, to turn to some other thing or someone else instead.

But then I thought to myself. If only my children knew how much I loved them. And that love was and will forever be the main reason why I deny them of the harmful things they ask for, as a way of protecting them. 

2) Realising either it is a blessing or a curse

My 2-year old son used to like watching me whenever I shave. I always tried to be discreet when I do it, as I don’t wish for him to see where I keep my shaver and how I use it on my face.

I understand that the razor will one day be a blessing to him - but isn’t it funny how something that could one day be a blessing to you, could be a curse if you get it too soon?

The scissors and knife will be of benefit to them one day when they’ve matured. But giving it to them now will only cause them potential pain and suffering.  

Let’s look at this through another example. More money NOW may seem to solve all your problems and bring you all the happiness you desire. But receiving more money before you’ve learned how to manage it well may cause you to lose control of your life, or cause you to lose your marriage, or cause you to be the target of someone with envy that you won’t be able to defend yourself against this person. Who knows what the potential harms and benefits will be? That’s right. Only God knows.

The same goes with regards to marriage. You want to get married now. Or at work. You want to get promoted to a leadership role in your organisation. Or with your family. You want to have a child now. Or your business. You want your company to expand globally now. 

You see, there is a blessing in every delay. The reason as to why some prayers may not have been granted yet, could be due to the wrong assumption of what we think is good for ourselves during each stage of our lives. And our assumptions are generally flawed.

You’ve been asking for something that you thought was going to bless you - but God knows better. Whenever He sees your request as something that has the potential to do more harm than good, He denies. And by denying, He is actually giving.

This article is from Ustaz Mizi Wahid’s book, The Art of Letting God. Do you want to learn more how you can trust ini Him ? CLICK HERE to get your copy! 

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