Talk to Allah By Ayesha Syahira
When was the last time you really poured your feelings out to Allah? **** We have been taught that the only time we can communicate with Allah is when we are making du’a to Him. Even then, it comes with...
Longing For God's Closeness Rediscovering the Beauty of Daily Prayers by Ayesha Syahira
Title: Longing For God's Closeness: Rediscovering the Beauty of Daily Prayers Author: Ayesha Syahira  Publisher: IMAN Publication Year Published: 2021 Language: English Genre: Spiritual ISBN: 9789672459163 Page: 285 m/s Format: PaperbackIn this book, Ayesha Syahira uncovers her secret gems and reflections on how...
He Found You LOST, and Guided You by Ayesha Syahira
Author: Ayesha SyahiraPublisher: Iman PublicationYear Published: 2023Language: EnglishISBN: 9789672459699Pages: 194  pagesFormat: PaperbackPrice: RM32.00Weight:SynopsisWe have many hopes and dreams in life, and as Muslims, we’re taught that after putting in the work and the effort, we must put our trust in Allah...
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