Up in the Jambu Tree By Sabariah Faridah Jamaluddin
Sabariah Faridah Jamaluddin978-967-0645-54-4Sarah and Emir love to spend time up in the Jambu Tree.They explore various occupation ideas and have fun pretending to be a doctor, a farmer and many more
Abi's New Red Car By Abdun Nizar Ahmad
Abdun Nizar Ahmad978-967-0645-66-7Daniels father has brought home a new car.His family is taking the car on a road trip from the city to the village to visit Nenek and Atuk.Along the way, they see many types of transportation.Lets find out...
Dates for Grandmother's Iftar By Sharina Samsudin
978-967-0645-69-8Sharina SamsudinDaniels grandmother would like some dates for oftar.So his grandfarther is taking him to the supermarket.While at the supermarket,Daniels learn about the different types of fruits.Lets learn about fruits,including the ones mentioned in the Holy quran!
Circle Time By Abdun Nizar Ahmad
978-967-0645-68-1Abdun Nizar AhmadIts circle time for Miss Aisha and her students.Today, the children are talking about the different items they can use in school.As you read this book, look around you to see if you can find these items in...
A Place We Call Home by Nadia Zaifulizan
Author: Nadia ZaifulizanPublisher: Little Caliph InternationalYear Published: 2018Language: EnglishGenre: Children's bookISBN: 9789670645674Pages: 25Format: Soft coverDaniel's parents are taking him to visit an orphanage. As he helps to prepare foods and donations, we get to see the different parts of his...
My Delicious Superheroes By Zulaikha Sulaiman
Writer: Zulaikha Sulaiman978-967-0645-70-4Sarah has fallen ill and needs nutritious food.The vegetables in her kitchen fridge want to help her feel better.Let's learn about the different types of vegetables and how good they are for us.
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