IMAN as enabler of great content

IMAN Purpose

The purpose of IMAN is to build a platform to create impact in what we do best, together. 

In today’s complex world, we aim to simplify the ways our consumers consume great content from books and digital media. 

We partner with content providers and platform distributors to ensure great curation of content and delivery to the right customers.

IMAN Vision Statement

  • To build a wholesome, purposeful and empowered global community.
  • To be the company that best understands, produces and delivers great contents for customers – globally

IMAN Mission Statement

To enrich our community by providing great contents and products through curious minds, innovative technologies and collaborative partnerships.

IMAN provides the ‘essential nutrients’ in developing our products through these four attributes:

1 Intelligent 3 Empathetic
2 Simple 4 Inspiring

Our Story

In 2012, when Founder of IMAN, Dr Aisyah Zainordin came back to Malaysia after studying and working in the UK, she realized that there were not many easily accessible good books for the public. 

Imanshoppe was then founded as an Islamic retail and e-commerce bookstore, aimed to become the platform for readers like her to reach out for great books. 

As the market expanded and demand increased, the needs to provide more great books for the audience has reached its calling. Thus, came in IMAN Publication in 2013, founded as the publishing arm for IMAN. Since then, IMAN publication has grown and covered not only Islamic genres but general group as well.

IMAN has since expanded its market nationwide and won many awards in the publishing and book industry. Our partnership with agents and retail bookstores both in Malaysia and global continue to expand.

Since 2020, IMAN has ventured into digital content and platform to explore new market. With the same objective in mind, an online content platform was created under IMAN+ as an extension from the content published in books where they focus on audience who prefer content through digital means.

Core Values

We strive to cultivate work culture that alleviates great potential to the highest level within our team. Our core values are based on 5G:

Leadership Competencies

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