Iman's Mealtime Adventure: A Story About Mindfulness and Syukr by Huda Nawawi
This book is suitable for 3 to 6 years old children What Makes This Book Special Encourages children to enjoy meal times by using all of the senses - sight, taste, smell, touch, hearing Teaches the concept of Syukr to...
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My Ramadan Story by Huda Nawawi
Author: Huda Nawawi Illustrator: Asrar This story was based on an actual event. It happened in 2016 at Irving School, New Jersey. Iman's first fasting experience makes her classmates curious. To answer all the questions, Mrs Zarra, Iman's class teacher...
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Thank You Allah for My Sight by Huda Nawawi
Author: Huda Nawawi Illustrator: Iffah Nizar Have you ever wonder how our sense of sight works? And how it connects us to the world? Join Iman and her mom on their wonderful journey for the answer.
RM17.00 RM15.30
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