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Healing Carefulliy Through God's Love and Light By Nurliyana Rahmat
Author: Nurliyana Rahmat About Book: Healing Carefulliy is Nurliyana Rahmat’s collection of writings in her journey of seeking Allah’s love. She seeks redemption, hope, guidance and light in her path towards Allah. This book will encompass the beginnings of her...
La Taqlaq Do Not Worry By The Vespa Rider
Author: The Vespa Rider The journey of steadfastness, or the struggle for istiqamah in the illusions of dunya. The constant attempt for renewal of intentions and cultivating the soul to return to its natural mould. A continuation from the first...
Syafakallah May Allah SWT Heal You By The Vespa Rider
Author: The Vespa Rider 81 poems59 mosques5 countries3 years1 book.It is amateurishIt is raw,But I promise you,It is from the heart. What Syafakallah means May Allah SWT Heal You. شفاك الله
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