A Thinking Person's Guide to Islam: The Essence of Islam in Twelve Verses From The Quran by Prince Ghazi Bin Muhammad
Author: Prince Ghazi Bin MuhammadPublisher: White Thread PressYear Published: 2017Language: EnglishISBN: 9781906949334Pages: 226 pagesFormat: PaperbackPrice: RM69.00Weight: 0.41 kgSinopsis: The world is at a crossroads today. A tiny minority of Muslims seems to be bent on hijacking the religion of Islam and...
Nearness To You by Nur Fadhilah Wahid (Softcover)
Author: Nur Fadhilah Wahid Publisher: IMAN Publication Year Published: 2021Language: English ISBN: 9789672459309 Pages: 241 Format: Paperback / Softcover Price: RM30 Weight:0.34 kg  Synopsis Author’s Biodata Reviews Will what you’ve done in the past be a barrier between you and...
RM30.00 RM27.00
Seruan Untuk Bekerja
Seruan Untuk Bekerja
Pengarang: Abū Bakr Ahmad al-Khallāl Penterjemah: Amru Sazali & Rizky FebrianPenerbit: Kafilah Buku & Halaqah MuamalahTahun: 2021 (Cetakan Pertama)Format: PaperbackISBN: 978-967-19465-0-3Bil. Mukasurat: 96 Sinopsis Buku ini ialah terjemahan kitab al-Ḥaththu ʿalā al-Tijārah yang tulis oleh seorang ulama berwibawa dan disegani keilmuannya pada...
Cahaya di Langit Gaelic by Syiffa Rosman
Penulis: Syiffa RosmanPenerbit: White CoatTahun Terbitan: 2021Bahasa: Bahasa MelayuISBN: 9789671915240Bil. Muka surat: 247 m/sFormat: PaperbackHarga: RM30.00Berat: 0.25 kgSinopsis:Nuraiman Amni, seorang gadis biasa dari keluarga sederhana tetapi mempunyai impian luar biasa. Ada orang katakan untuk berjaya, kita perlu ada latar belakang...
Allah is Great Box Set
Allah is Great Box Set
Author: Farhana NorazmanIllustrator: Suraya KaharPublisher: Scholars InkFormat: HardcoverPages: 18 pagesLanguage: EnglishContent: Fully coloredAge range: 4 to 8 years oldPackage content: -Hardcover story book-Mini book storage collection box-Solar System Orbit & Planet activity board-Planet fun cards-Planet names fun cards-Trivia cards-Expression cardsThis...
Communicating with Allah Rediscovering Prayer by Dr Bassam Saeh
Author: Dr Bassam Saeh Publisher: Kube Publishing LtdYear Published: 2018Language: EnglishGenre: SpiritualISBN: 9780860377153Pages: 176Format: Paperback Learn to let go of your worldly worries during your prayers (salah) and be more mindful before God. In a modern world of constant distraction, how...
Prayers of the Pious by Omar Suleiman
RM65.00 RM61.75
Prayers of the Pious by Omar Suleiman
Author: Omar SuleimanPublisher: Kube Publishing LtdYear Published: 2019Language: EnglishGenre: SpiritualISBN: 9781847741295Pages: 144Format: Hardcover Imam Ahmad was once asked, what is the distance between us and the throne of God? A pious prayer from a pure heart, was his reply, that’s how...
RM65.00 RM61.75
Ubah Patah Hati Jadi Prestasi
Ubah Patah Hati Jadi PrestasiAuthor: Addien Abdul Kadir / Dwi SuwiknyoPublisher: Puteh PressYear Published: 2021Language: Bahasa MelayuISBN:9789673694679Pages: 297 pagesFormat: PaperbackPrice: RM40.00Weight : 313gUrusan hati adalah antara urusan yang paling susah untuk difahami. Kerana pada seketul hati ada sebuah kitaran kejam...
Light Upon Light by Nur Fadhilah Wahid
Author: Nur Fadhilah WahidPublisher: Kube Publishing LtdYear Published: 2019Language: EnglishGenre: SpiritualISBN: 9781847741233Pages: 160Format: paperback A Collection of Letters on Life, Love & GodFadhilah Wahid is a Singaporean writer. This work is a collection of letters (more like essays) originally addressed to...
The Ideal Muslim Society by Dr Muhammad Ali Al-Hashimi
  Author: Dr Muhammad Ali Al-HashimiPublisher: IIPHYear Published: 2007Language: EnglishGenre: MotivationISBN: 9789960981314Pages: 544Format: Hardcover From the translator, Nasiruddin al-Khattab: In a world plagued with wars, racism, political turmoil, economic downturns and social anguish, many people are looking for an alternative in...
Tadabbur Surah Yusuf by Dr Azrul Azlan, Muhammad Faris Izzuddin
Penulis: Dr. Azrul Azlan, Muhammad Faris IzzuddinPenerbit: Telaga BiruTahun Terbit: 2019Bahasa: MelayuGenre: Al-QuranISBN: 9789673884544Ketebalan: 275Format: PaperbackKisah Nabi Yusuf membuktikan bahawa kita berada dalam lingkungan aturan dan takdir Ilahi. Kisah Nabi Yusuf juga menyedarkan kita indahnya sabar bagi hamba-Nya yang bersabar. MAlah...
Inside The Soul of Islam by Mamoon Yusaf
Author: Mamoon YusafPublisher: Tertib PublishingYear Published: January 2021Language: EnglishGenre: SpiritualISBN: 9789672420637Pages: 312Format: Hard cover Practiced by over 1.8 billion people, Islam is the world's second largest faith, yet most of us don't know what the beliefs of Islam actually are. Inside...
Way to the Qur'an by Khurram Murad
Author: Khurram MuradPublisher: Kube Publishing LtdYear Published: 2010Language: EnglishGenre: Al-QuranISBN: 9780860371533Pages: 144Format: Paperback This inspirational work shows how to approach the Qur’an in order to develop a better understanding of it.
Perempuan Yang Baik-baik Dalam Al-Quran By Syaari Ab Rahman
  Perempuan yang baik-baik itu bukanlah perempuan yang sempurna. Tidak sempurna sabarnya, namun mampu menguatkan kesabaran demi zuriat yang disayanginya. Persis Maryam AS. Tidak sempurna keyakinannya, namun mampu meneguhkan hatinya kerana percaya akan janji Allah SWT. Persis ibu Nabi Musa...
RM35.00 RM31.50
I Lost My Way Finding Happiness after Despair by Yasmin Mogahed
Author : Yasmin Mogahed Publisher: Tertib PublishingYear Published: July 2020 (second edition)Language: EnglishGenre: Motivation, SpiritualISBN: 9789671740248Pages: 62Format: Paperback People defines happiness differently. We know that true happiness is the happiness of the heart. How can we find happiness after despair? Then...
RM45.00 RM42.75
This Is Love by Dr. Ali Albarghouthi
This Is LoveAuthor: Dr. Ali AlbarghouthiPublisher: Dakwah Corner BookstoreYear Published: 2021Language: EnglishISBN: 9789675699733Pages: 500 pagesFormat: PaperbackPrice: RM85.00Weight :750gAll of us are looking for love. We carry enough pain, frustration, and doubt in us to crush us. And only the comforting...
Ahli Alkimia
Ahli Alkimia
Penulis: Paulo Coelho Terjemahan: Hasri HasanPenerbit: The Biblio PressTahun Terbitan: 2021Bahasa: Bahasa MelayuISBN: 978-967-18976-14 Bil. Muka Surat: 248Format: PaperbackHarga: RM35.00Sinopsis:Novel Ahli Alkimia, karya Paulo Coelho ini berjaya memikat berjuta-juta pembaca di seluruh dunia. Ceritanya ringkat tetapi penuh dengan kebijaksanaan. Ia mengisahkan seorang budak...
Show Up A Motivational Message for Muslim Women by Na'ima B Robert
SHOW UPA MOTIVATIONAL MESSAGE FOR MUSLIM WOMENAuthor: Na'ima B. RobertPublisher: Kube PublishingYear Published: August 2020Language: EnglishGenre: MotivationalISBN: 9781847741417Pages: 160Format: PaperbackWeight: 0.13kgWhen award-winning author and magazine editor Na’ima B. Robert lost her husband of 15 years and found herself solely responsible...
A Gift For A Muslim Bride by Muhammad Haneef Abdul Majeed
Author: Muhammed Haneef Abdul MajeedPublisher: Dakwah Corner BookstoreYear Published: 2019Language: EnglishGenre: Motivational & mannersISBN: 9789670835150Pages: 462Format: Paperback This book, truthfully, is an ideal gift to Muslim sisters (brides) and women in general, as it mainly deals with the concerned affairs of the...
Enam Angka Menjelang Disember by Azraei Muhamad
Penulis: Azraei MuhamadPenerbit: Write & Brave (Terfaktab Media)Tahun Terbit: September 2020Bahasa: MelayuGenre: Bukan Fiksyen, Ekonomi, SosialISBN: 9789671597279Ketebalan: 239 m/sFormat: Soft coverAda apa dengan enam angka menjelang dua puluh lima?Ia bukan tentang destinasi, tetapi tentang perjalanan yang membuka mata.Untuk enam angka...
Unbreakable How To Prepare Yourself For A Strong Relationship by Aiman Azlan
Author: Aiman AzlanPublisher: IMAN PublicationYear Published: 2019Language: EnglishGenre: Self-helpISBN: 9789832423836Pages: 277Format: Paperback Synopsis For the singles who are searching of love, is there a to know if you are ready to commit yourself to a relationship? For the couples, is there a method to...
RM28.00 RM25.20
In Their Tested Moments: Stories of Strength, Mercy & Hope of the People in the Quran by Syaari Ab Rahman
View this post on Instagram A post shared by IMAN Shoppe Bookstore® (@imanshoppe_official) Author: Syaari Ab Rahman Publisher: IMAN Publication Year Published: 2021 Language: English ISBN: 9789672459316 Pages: 300 pages Format: Paperback Weight: 300 g Synopsis: Through their tested moments,...
RM40.00 RM36.00
Secrets of Divine Love A Spiritual Journey Into the Heart of Islam by A. Helwa
Author: A. HelwaPublisher: Naulit Publishing Year Published: September 2020Language: EnglishGenre: SpiritualISBN: 9781734231205Pages: 348Format: Soft coverSecrets of Divine Love draws upon spiritual secrets of the Qur'an, ancient mystical poetry, and stories from the world's greatest prophets and spiritual masters to help you reignite...
RM65.00 RM61.75
Author: Yasir QadhiPublisher: Kube PublishingYear Published: July 2020Language: EnglishGenre: SpiritualISBN: 9781847741370Pages: 256Format: PaperbackWeight: 0.3kgSurah Yusuf, a chapter of the Qur'an (Koran), was revealed to the Prophet Muhammad at a critical juncture of his life. This was the time when he...

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