This Is Love by Dr. Ali Albarghouthi

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This Is Love

Author: Dr. Ali Albarghouthi
Publisher: Dakwah Corner Bookstore
Year Published: 2021
Language: English
ISBN: 9789675699733
Pages: 500 pages
Format: Paperback
Price: RM85.00
Weight :750g

All of us are looking for love. We carry enough pain, frustration, and doubt in us to crush us. And only the comforting embrace of love can save us. We look around and see a world embroiled in so much greed, racism, inequality, and cynicism. We have become more suspicious of each other, more intolerant, and crueler. We need change. Many sing the praises of love and tout it as the answer. But they do not tell us what love is, what to love, and how to love it? Each imagines it and lives it differently. Which one is right? Which path should we follow?

No one understands love better than the One who created it. He knows how much we need it and how it can be nurtured. He sent His Books and Prophets to teach us what love is so we can love Him and each other. And He warned us against distorted and toxic love. Islam is the handbook of love. It is the best, fastest, and most comprehensive way to it.

This book presents the Islamic message of love through forty hadiths on loving Allah, His Prophet, and His creation. It explains the indispensability of divine love in human existence, the centrality of love in Islam, and the means to attain and spread love on earth. It also clarifies common misunderstandings about love in Islam, affirming that Islam is the religion of love par excellence.

Table of Content

  • HADITH 1: Iman is Love
  • HADITH 2: Allah loves beauty
  • HADITH 3: Allah loves ease
  • HADITH 4: Allah loves excellence
  • HADITH 5: Allah loves gentleness
  • HADITH 6: Allah loves harmony
  • HADITH 7: Allah loves the benefactors
  • HADITH 8: Allah loves forgiveness
  • HADITH 9: Allah loves noble manners
  • HADITH 10: Allah loves the gentle hearts
  • HADITH 11: Allah protects whom He loves
  • HADITH 12: Allah is the source of all love
  • HADITH 13: Allah loves the faithful
  • HADITH 14: Loving Allah and loving the world
  • HADITH 15: Allah does not punish His beloveds
  • HADITH 16: Read the Quran to love Allah
  • HADITH 17: Love the world less, and Allah will love you more
  • HADITH 18: Iman is loving the Prophet
  • HADITH 19: Be kind for the Prophet to love you
  • HADITH 20: Love through suffering
  • HADITH 21: Praying for love
  • HADITH 22: Love others as you love yourself
  • HADITH 23: You will not enter Jannah until you spread love
  • HADITH 24: The sweetness of Iman is in love
  • HADITH 25: Love others for Allah to love you
  • HADITH 26: The more you love others, the more Allah loves you
  • HADITH 27: If you love someone, let them know
  • HADITH 28: Give to spread love
  • HADITH 29: The earthly sign of Allah's love
  • HADITH 30: Love elevates
  • HADITH 31: Marriage and love
  • HADITH 32: Sin kills love
  • HADITH 33: Be moderate in your love
  • HADITH 34: You will be with the ones you love
  • HADITH 35: Loving knowledge
  • HADITH 36: Loving whom the Prophet loved
  • HADITH 37: Loving to hear about Allah
  • HADITH 38: Spend from what you love to attain love
  • HADITH 39: Loving our hometowns
  • HADITH 40: Loving Iman and righteousness
  • HADITH 41: The way to His love
  • HADITH 42: Never-ending love

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This Is Love by Dr. Ali Albarghouthi
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