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Talk to Allah By Ayesha Syahira

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When was the last time you really poured your feelings out to Allah?


We have been taught that the only time we can communicate with Allah is when we are making du’a to Him. Even then, it comes with a set of restrictive rules that puts a ‘barrier’ between Allah and us.

The things we recite are verses that we were told to memorise, but rarely do we truly talk to Allah about the troubles that are weighing down our hearts.

Because it feels awkward.

Thus when we are down and sad, we seek other means for comforting ourselves, but often they offer only temporary respite. We forget that true comfort lies only with Allah.


In this book, author Ayesha Syahira takes you on a journey of spiritual discovery; of reconnecting with Allah wholeheartedly. The author focuses on nurturing the lifestyle of talking to Allah; of finding comfort by making du’a to Him at any time of the day.

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Table of Content

  1. Introduction: Why we no longer talk to Allah
  2. Part 1: Talking to Allah
  3. Part2: Understanding reliance after talking to Allah
  4. Part 3: Inspirational Stories about Du'a
  5. Conclusion: The life changing impact of talking to Allah
  6. Special Section

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Customer Reviews

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Farah Yasmin
A must have book

A must have book! Since reading this book, i asked Allah for everything i want, or what i want to do. I made du'a even for tiny things. Now on i just talk to Allah like my best friend❤️


It’s such a beautiful book and a right book, at a right time for me. Ayesha shared with us on how we can talk to Allah from smallest thing to biggest. Ma sha Allah. I really the book. Thank you for publishing such a beneficial book❤️

Fatini (Goodreads)
Talk to Allah

I have established a very close relationship with Allah when I was in UIA. The establishment was not built by du'a, it's a mixture of everything; pray, reading, mingle with good friends. But after becoming a teacher, mom and wife - I feel so distant to Him. My soul is longing for the closeness. However, I was unsure which way should I take to reconnect. Is it via fasting Monday Thursday? Is it by fixing my solat? Is it by doing sadaqah?

Allah moved my hand to add this book into cart and purchase. It seemed like He was signalling to me that I should start with du'a.

This book moved me, a lot. I always underestimate the power of du'a. Laziness and ignorance led me to constant disobedience to make du'a. This book shed the light that we should treat du'a like breathing the air. We must constantly do it. Making du'a shows our total reliance to Allah. If we don't make du'a and ask from Him, it seems like we do not need Allah.

Talk to Allah By Ayesha Syahira
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