how to build confidence?
want to know?

"How do I remove my nervous feeling?"
Bad news is: You can't.
Good news is: You shouldn't.

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  • Fully in English
  • Category: 'Non-fiction' & 'self-help' (personal development motivational book)
  • This book provides guidance on how to build confidence
  • The 'Tips and tricks' are based on practical activities that prove to be effective based on science and personal experience
  • Featured issues include; • Confidence is a process • The power of mind • How you think is how you feel
  • This book is divided into 2 parts = concepts and applications
  • This book is for you who; - have low self confidence - often feel anxious and roaring in some situations in life. Example; interviews, public speaking, in learning English, meet other great people.



Started making his mark through a Youtube vlog he made in his rented one-bedroom apartment back in 2011.

He has traveled all over Malaysia and beyond to speak to predominantly youth audience, speaking about various youth-related topics such as identity, love, family relationship, productivity, community, and self-worth. He started his own company called Aiman Azlan Academy in 2015, focusing on building self-confidence through developing effective communication skills online and offline.

Other than Unshakeable (2018), he wrote other books such as Hidup Penuh Erti (2014), The Other Side of the Coin (2014), and Bercinta Selepas Nikah (2015). 


"The book is divided into 2 main parts: concept and application. First, I tell you my main ideas regarding how to build confidence. Second, I give you a few real life examples of self-confidence issues and how to apply my main ideas to solve them"- Aiman Azlan

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