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Will You Stay? A Novel By Norhafsah Hamid

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Author: Norhafsah Hamid 
Publisher: IMAN Publication
Year Published: 2021
Language: English
ISBN: 9789672459132
Page: 330 m/s
Format: Softcover

“If you love Allah and take care of your relationship with Him, He will take care of the people whom you love.


Amy is a 30-year-old doctor who strives to live a meaningful life, choosing to focus on enjoying the company of her friends and committed in nurturing her faith.

The unexpected presence of someone from her friend’s past stirs up feelings within her. What she was afraid to dream of before this, presented itself to her like a ray of hope from God.

Just as her newfound happiness begin to colour her life, her faith is put to the test. Will love stay or will it leave? Will she surrender herself to the One whose love is eternal?

In this book, award-winning author Norhafsah Hamid takes reader on a heart-warming journey of understanding what it means to love compassionately and with mercy.

For that is the kind of love that will lead us back to God.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews

Nice book to read and I like it.

Hadi Muss (Goodreads)
Will You Stay? A Novel

This Islamic love story reminded me of Ustazah Fatimah Syarha's novel blended with TFIOS and maybe a few fresh ideas from the writer. My teenage self would definitely love this and I absolutely recommend this to any young/ new readers to try this one. It's fast pace, light read and the words & phrases used are an added value to note into one's writing. To be frank, this is not my cup of tea but I enjoy reading this one since it's a gateway from quite heavy non fic book I'm currently perusing alongside this book

Izzah Ammar (Goodreads)
Will You Stay? A Novel

I've read so many contemporary romance from Western authors so reading something from Islamic perspective has definitely create a refreshing outlook on how some things should be done in order for it to be good. It reminds me so much of the quote that everyone has been throwing around for years that just because everyone else is doing it does not mean it is right.

This is a familiar issue of social conformity where romantic relationships before marriage are being normalised and being single somewhat (at least from where I live) is seen as a loser thing to be. Author also unveil challenges faced by single women in their late twenties to early thirties where they are expected to be married and have kids. To this day, the notion of having an expiry date as a single woman because your fertility rate will be lower as you aged is such a lame reason to force someone to get married. Marriage itself is not easy and it is an ongoing battle for both spouses where this is the era where your true life is unfolded to one another and you have to compromise otherwise it will not work.

To me, the love they both have for each other and how strongly they stand by each other is astounding for me. This is the kind of love everyone deserves; through thick and thin with patience, trust to the plans of His Almighty and just simply love.

Will You Stay? A Novel By Norhafsah Hamid
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