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The Art of Letting God (Softcover Edition) by Mizi Wahid

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Author: Mizi Wahid
Publisher: Iman Publication
Year Published: 2021
Language: English
ISBN:  978-967-2459-23-1
Pages: 165 pages
Format: Paperback
Genre: Spiritual


Do you feel overwhelmed right now with all the pressures and uncertainties of life?

Does the thought of your past failures, failed relationships and negative labels drag you down?

Have you ever wished that you could just leave everything behind and start fresh?

Are you ready to finally let go , move on and live a happy joyful life?

If you keep bringing negative baggage from yesterday into today, it will eventually poison your future. Your problems are real. And you may have had an unfair past, but the truth is, you don't need to have an unfair future.

You may have had a rough start in your marriage, your business, your career - but it's not how you start that matters most, it's how you finish. Let us begin the exploration of your journey towards surrendering in this book. And may we all find the strength to let go, the capacity to forgive, and the faith to move on.

This book gave me the reminder that I needed, especially because I live such a fast-paced life. -Vivy Yusof

Customer Reviews

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A quick read and a gift i passed on

I received a double set including this book from a friend, to help me sort through my emotions and sorting out my thoughts. The world we live in is so beautiful and its important we focus beyond the facade of the superficialities and some soul-less beings we come across. It can get exhausting. Alhamdulillah it helped me. it was a quick read and such an apt flow and sharings, Jazakallah khairan Ustaz Mizi, family and colleagues, May Allah bless you.

Hedayah (Goodreads)
The Art of Letting God (Softcover Edition) by Mizi Wahid

This book is an evergreen book. You might pick when you feel lost, give up and broken. You might not find an answer on a certain point of your life and this book will make you reflect that everything happened or delayed are a blessing and God always has perfect timing for you. Just for you, not against you.

"Every day that you wake up in the morning, it's a sign - the best is yet to come."

Ustaz Mizi portrays his experience and real-life lesson of another person into words that can relate in our lives too.

In this era of social media that controls our lives, he put some guides that make our hearts warm and calm. People might judge you but in His eyes, you're beautiful.

Really recommended! Not only for you who are broken but for us who searching the meaning of life.

Be flexible if you want peace in your life and don't accept "poison".

Fatin Afiqah (Goodreads
The Art of Letting God (Softcover Edition) by Mizi Wahid

4 ⭐️ for The Art of Letting God by Ustaz Mizi Wahid.

Why four, and not five?

Although I love the overall writings, at certain points and sentences, I have some difficulties to fully grasp the meaning of them. Thus, I have to reread quite a few times to understand the whole context.

Perhaps, my English is poor, hence the reason I faced those challenges.

Other than that, everything is simply beautiful. The words and the advices, though I seek for more. It feels too short and I wanted more depth and exploration, which I believe Ustaz Mizi Wahid can totally nail it.

Another thing that strikes me in particular is the disorganisation of the whole book. Somehow I feel that the chapters were not arranged properly, making it jumpy here and there. Anyway that’s just my personal opinion 😬

Lastly, I do recommend this book to everyone who seeks to understand Allah’s master plan for our life. Happy reading ☺️

5 Reviews
The Art of Letting God (Softcover Edition) by Mizi Wahid
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