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The Art of Letting God (Softcover Edition) by Mizi Wahid

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Author: Mizi Wahid
Publisher: Iman Publication
Year Published: 2021
Language: English
ISBN:  978-967-2459-23-1
Pages: 165 pages
Format: Paperback
Genre: Spiritual


Do you feel overwhelmed right now with all the pressures and uncertainties of life?

Does the thought of your past failures, failed relationships and negative labels drag you down?

Have you ever wished that you could just leave everything behind and start fresh?

Are you ready to finally let go , move on and live a happy joyful life?

If you keep bringing negative baggage from yesterday into today, it will eventually poison your future. Your problems are real. And you may have had an unfair past, but the truth is, you don't need to have an unfair future.

You may have had a rough start in your marriage, your business, your career - but it's not how you start that matters most, it's how you finish. Let us begin the exploration of your journey towards surrendering in this book. And may we all find the strength to let go, the capacity to forgive, and the faith to move on.

This book gave me the reminder that I needed, especially because I live such a fast-paced life. -Vivy Yusof

Will what you’ve done in the past be a barrier between you and Allah?

Will Allah still look my way even after I’ve forgotten Him?

Synopsis :

This book is a collection of the author’s personal reflections on her spiritual journey of getting close to God. The stories and reflections in it are all derived from moments with people whom the author believe are close to Him; or in the rare moments where the author herself felt a perceived nearness to Him and His Messenger SAW.

The stories and reflections are accompanied by pictures that the author took throughout her spiritual journey from across the world, each meant to highlight the point of the story of the chapter.

At the end of reading this book, readers will find that their faith will be reaffirmed and their hearts in awe by Allah’s mercy and blessings; that God has always been near to them, even in ordinary moments of our everyday lives.

Customer Reviews

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Nabilah Farahin Zulkifli
The Art of Letting God

Such a wonderful book! MasyaAllah, this is my very first time buying a book by Mizi Wahid and I am in love with the way he share his thoughts and how he relate those thoughts using simplified and understandable analogies. This book really helped me to understand better about developing that sense of letting go when I need to just because of Allah. There's so much to tell, I would advise to anyone of you who is seeking for a book to help you pass through hardships in life, this book will insyaAllah help you :)

Siti Hajar Bahar
Soft Cover Mizi Wahid The Art of Letting God

To be honest, I bought this for my friend, for her degree graduation present. I already had the hard cover one. This soft cover design is so pretty! Besides having great content, I feel so tempted to buy it so I decided to buy for my friend. Thank you so much for the service, Iman Shoppe team!

The Art of Letting God (Softcover Edition) by Mizi Wahid
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