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Making Art Out of Pain by Idayu Mumtaz Iskandar

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Author: Idayu Mumtaz Iskandar
Publisher: PTS
Year Published: 2022
Language: English
ISBN: 9789673696093
Pages: 192 pages
Format: Paperback
Price: RM35.00
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‘Is it possible for beautiful things to come from a place of hurt and disappointment?’

A beautiful life is not always one that goes on smoothly. A beautiful life is when the soul finds a way to make peace with the rough edges of existence. A beautiful life is interpreting the whole spectrum of human experiences, through the lens of faith.

Fuelled by revealed divine verses and pressing personal reminiscences, this book coupled with vivid metaphorical watercolour artworks offers ten crafts to carry on when in the throes; to challenge what we perceive events in life to represent, how we respond to the unexpected, unfamiliar, and unpleasant, and what we choose to become in the face of everything.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Credit to all the beautiful illustrations.

This is such a chicken soup for the soul. Honestly, I not a big fan of self-help book. But this consider as the best book I’ve ever read. There’s a lot of great tips and some morals that penetrate to your heart. I can feel the warmness of the messages. It helps to get your soul & yourself close to your Creator. However, sometimes it’s a bit confusing, I’m still figuring out the type of pain that the author mentioned either pain in a relationship or pain due illness or lost. But I’ll conclude it is a general pain that you experienced either in relationship, broken etc.. I think this will be a good therapy for someone in recovery state.

Nisaa Aiman

At first, friends suggest this book to me. I never thought that this book would be among the best self-help book I ever read. The way the author wrote this book like she is there beside me trying to sooth me. Most of the chapter in this book are relatable to my life until I can’t hold my tears every time i read it.

“Struggle in life are inevitable but we can choose to struggle with Allah, that is to make the struggles be the means which bring us close to him, within which lies solace for the soul.” — Making Art Out of Pain

Nurul Najwa
Making Art Out Of Pain

The title itself is captivating for me so I decided to bought this book during KLAB22.

I honestly not a fan of self help books, maybe it is due to too many writers that promote toxic positivity or I myself do not find that self help books could help me to heal.

I discovered this book when I joined a space from Twitter, that gather all writers that published they books and promote it due too KLAB22 event. I instantly fell in love with the writer's voice, I rasa macam "baiknya the way she talk! I need to buy her book."

And I do not have regret on buying this book. It does help me in many things, embracing the pain, defined it, trusting Allah's plan and many more. It taught me so many things and yes the bonus of this book is the writer's way of writing, I've mentioned it before the way she talk is nice kan? And the writing also, it fells like someone tengah pujuk you.

Rasa macam ada orang tengah hantar surat cinta.

There's one chapter that hit me so hard, painting gratitude. I cried, it described myself a lot.

This book is a good read for those who want to heal from they pain.

After all, it is yourself who want to heal, your choice to move on, your choice to help yourself, your choice to embrace the pain and make it into an art in your own museum.

Making Art Out of Pain by Idayu Mumtaz Iskandar
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