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Letters to God Series (Abridged - Vol. 1) by Norhafsah Hamid

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Author: Norhafsah Hamid
Publisher: Iman Publication
Year Published: 2022
Language: English
ISBN: 9789672459385
Pages: 560 pages
Format: Paperback
Price: RM 35.00
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Sarah—an introvert and a law student in England, struggling to stay true as a Muslim.

Things started to go wrong when Sarah crossed paths with Linda. Everything about Sarah irked Linda, especially her outdated and devout lifestyle. Whilst Sarah endured the backlash from her peers, Jonah–the ‘Romeo’, came into her life and attempted to woo her like the other women he had charmed.

While Sarah endured the nightmare of vicious rumors and being ostracized, Linda was surprised to find herself to be in a somewhat similar situation.

Pained and confused, Sarah poured all her grief and sorrow into her letters she wrote to God. Will Sarah find solace through her writings?

In this novel, the author brings readers on a journey of rediscovering genuine love and friendship; as well as finding true meaning of serenity of life.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
biblio_mom (Aiza)
You don't get THAT MANY books about young adults being love with THE RIGHT MUSLIMS PRESENTATIONS

I don't remembered the exact date i've read this in 2019, but i noticed that i haven't leave a review yet. so here it is.

One sentence to sum it up, this book, this WHOLE SERIES is worth to be read and re-read. Read with your Imaan (you'll get what I meant)

You don't get THAT MANY books about young adults being love with THE RIGHT MUSLIMS PRESENTATIONS. No kissing, no holding hands, not even a single handshakes. This is how you find your true love through Allah, walking on the RIGHT PATH.

jap. nak sambung tulis nanti panjang sangat. buku ni best. kbai.

p/s : The prequel (Heaven Sent)'s ratings are high, unlike Letters To God, the sequel, the backstory of Sarah, has under 4 stars. They came from a different publishers, and, obviously EDITORS. So please, take note. It should have been improved, since its in MPH and Popular weekly bestsellers for many times already.

She was fanatic with books which I can feel it closely.

It's a good book. Well written. Reading this book make me feels like reading a human diary. Sarah's diary. An ordinary girl who got same interest with me which is books. She was fanatic with books which I can feel it closely.

I love how Sarah choose to write a letters to God instead of telling the others. As Sarah said she had been betrayed many times in pasts. Somehow people love to conclude the things we tell them in their own perspective without knowing the truth behind it.

Oh for the Author: I love your books, but I have some suggestion to you. If you don't mind? I hope you can put the end notes below the current pages, so that, reader did not need to slide to the page 219 to understand more about the sentence. Btw thank you for inserting a lot of Quran and Hadith that closely related to our daily life. Keep inspiring! ❤

Shuhada Ramli
There are times when I read this book, I cried

There are times when I read this book, I cried (because it’s not easy to be in that soul of Sarah. Only one knows how depressed life is to be like, more or less like her). It’s not a sad story. It’s about finding the courage to be strong and make the living worth in here and the hereafter. Some of us may choose to speak to God, and Sarah chose to write.

This is actually my first time reading Norhafsah Hamid’s writing and she won my heart. She wrote it in the softest way that made every moment reading it feels like I was reciting my prayers to Allah with the purest heart. What matter the most is, I feel totally relieved from a heavy burden after reading this. I believe Allah has answered my prayers and guiding me to the right path He wants me to be, Insyaallah. The best part is, I feel completely loved by Allah and begins to remind myself that even the smallest things, Allah knows whereas we know not.

Thank you Norhafsah Hamid for writing such a very calm and beautiful story. Characters and storyline are well balanced and the English is great, simple, fast and easy reading. I would recommend, this is a must read book. Suitable for all ages

Letters to God Series (Abridged - Vol. 1) by Norhafsah Hamid
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