Glow Inside & Out by Auni Baharin

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Author: Auni Baharin
Publisher: Puteh Press
Year Published: 2022
Language: English
ISBN: 9789673696284
Pages: 208 pages
Format: Paperback
Price: RM35.00
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‘To me, reviving our inner beauty means reclaiming our happiness and well-being.’

Happiness and well-being are adornments of this temporary life. They lift up the heaviness in our chests when navigating through obstacles and challenges in our journey towards the eternal destination; akhirah. Though happiness in its truest sense is a gift from the Creator, we also hold some degree of power on the reigns of our life to improve our well-being.

Inspired by the scientific input from Positive Psychology and understandings from the al-Quran and Sunnah, Glow Inside & Out presents to you 10 steps to rejuvenate your happiness and well-being. If following the 10-step Korean skincare routine can give you radiant “glass skin”, then the author is hopeful that the 10 main insights from this book could ignite the spark to your inner glow.

Customer Reviews

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Hidayah Fauzi
The best Islamic psychology book I have ever read.

Well, how many books I have read? Aha.

One of the best things I like about this book is how the author relates to our lives (how to have good physical and mental health) with Al-Quran and Sunnah. Whoever has depression, anxiety, feels tired with their life, and facing tests over and over should read this.

Awal2 baca memang best, sebab sebut tentang apa itu kebahagiaan, capai kesejahteraan, fahami makna bersyukur, dan memabantu kita supaya bangkit dengan memberi solusi. Lepas tu, masuk kepada apa yang boleh memotivasikan kita, produktiviti dan istiqamah. Serta macam2 lagi.

Paling best bila dapat baca pengalaman penulis. Lagi2 memang suka baca dan dengar pengalaman orang lain. huhu. Btw, english dia agak mencabar juga. Haha. Tapi mencabar macam mana pun boleh jer fahami konteks ayat. Cuma kalau betul2 nak tambah kosa kata, boleh rujuk kamus. Gittew.

Terima kasih penulis. Gembira dapat baca buku psikologi yang sentiasa rujuk dan kaitkan dengan agama dan bukan secara melampau.

Irni Farid
A book that I wish to read again.

I find myself here and there in the book. Love the illustrations and quotation pages. Life is a journey of finding your glow inside out - happiness. Combinations of knowing yourself, gratitude, strengthening self-barrier, motivation, productivity, consistency and survival kit as tools for "humans whom would be tested with obstacles to unearth the 'gold' within them."

Emmy Hermina Nathasia
One of my recommended read of the year!

Taking inspiration from Positive Psychology and combine with understandings from the Quran and Sunnah, this book is just perfect for those searching for a book, a manual to help them ‘glow’ and be the best version of themselves. I find the language flows and easy to understand and the pretty design layout and illustrations makes the book a complete package! I highly encourage anyone to read this.

Glow Inside & Out by Auni Baharin
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