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Befriending the Quran by Ayesha Syahira

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Author: Ayesha Syahira
Publisher: Iman Publication
Year Published: 2022
Language: English
ISBN: 9789672459408
Pages: 165 pages
Format: Paperback
Price: RM30.00
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In life, we always have that one friend whom we turn to in times of happy and sad, good or bad.

As Muslims, can that ‘friend’ be our Quran?

Can the Quran be the one that you turn to when you need to be uplifted, comforted and are in need of answers?


In this book, author Ayesha Syahira shares the journey she took when she decided to make the Quran the companion she loves and trusts.

Building a relationship with the Quran cannot happen in one day.

It will take years.

It will require patience, and persistence.

Each of us will have our own personal journey of connecting with the Quran and nurturing love towards the Quran. The steps and stories might vary from one person to another but the goal is the same —to always be close to your Quran.

Table of content

Quran and You

  • First Encounter With the Quran
  • Falling in Love With the Quran

Relationship with the Quran

  • How to Befriend the Quran
    1. How to Treat Your Quran: The Adab
    2. How to Interact With the Quran: 4R
    3. How to Connect With the Quran
  • How to Create a Routine With the Quran
    1. How to Build the Habit
    2. How to Make Time for the Quran

Istiqamah with Your Quran

  • How to Istiqamah
  • Why We Need to Maintain Istiqamah
  • Ways to Maintain Istiqamah

Customer Reviews

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Siti (goodreads)
Befriending The Quran

Took this book as reminder to boost my quran relationship.
As I read it slowly, it helped me to think -- what was my first encounter with quran, how's my current quran relationship and feeling. It helped me a lot to reflect and plan my quran activity.

The content arrangement is nice. Book is well written. Could have been better if not for some missed number formatting.

bookmehnia (goodreads)
Befriending The Quran

{16/2022} 4/5🌟161 pages
Ramadan Read 1

If you have been familiar with Quran Tagging Class, or perhaps the author’s first book, “Being a Quran Tag Girl”, then you would very much be all familiar with the content of this book, as it is also a republication, with better content improvisation of the latter.

It is a book that you can certainly finish in one sitting but I certainly wouldn’t suggest you do that. I recommend you go point by point, and execute. There’s so much that we need to absorb from the content which I think need appropriate time. Exactly like the 4R points the author suggests us on how to interact with the Quran; Recite, Read, Reflect and Relate.

If you have been to Ayesha’s quran tag class, I am sure you would remember her constant reminder that, tagging the pages on the quran is not something we must do hurriedly. It is a process that need us to have total comprehension and understanding of every single ayah we tag, so it’s okay to take our time. Learning the quran is supposed to be a humbling and beautiful journey.

When I was younger, I used to think that I didn’t deserve to go to such classes, learn such things concerning the Quran as I was among the “oblivious”. I thought, Quran was only for those who were pious and wore long scarf. I was totally wrong.

In this book, as suggested by the title itself, it brought us to the author’s own journey and experience of befriending the Quran, besides the rightful guides and tips of he we can hopefully achieve the same virtue and maintain istiqamah.

I am very much affected with one point in the first chapter itself : setting sincere intentions. I would say, in any form of ibadah that we choose to fulfill, setting our heart to be in its sincerest form seems to be unachieveable, but certainly not impossible. I guess the most important questions we need to ask ourselves should be, “Why are we doing it?”; “Who are we doing it for?” I guess, when our heart is in its sincerest form, regardless how miniscule is the improvement, Allah SWT certainly recognises it, Insya Allah.

There’s a special section of how one can be immersed in the quran tagging process, list of du’as, as well as tadabbur template. I do my tadabbur activity, in “Aayah of The Day” also by the author, which is a special diary you can use to record your tadabbur journey. I love decorating mine so don’t be surprised to see lots of stickers 😅.

I would have to say, reading the quran is like a personal and individual journey because we can never compare it with other people, especially when doing tadabbur. It’s our personal reflection of trying to understand the messages that Allah sends to us. It’s okay to take your time, but should never be missed for a lifetime.

This is a recommended read for those who are looking for the right way to change. Perhaps the start can begin with befriending the quran, and hopefully as the relationship with the Quran grows and becomes strong, it could help us in becoming a better person in the future. Insya Allah.

The book can be purchased from @imanpublication. Thank you @imanpublication for this gifted copy ❤️.

#BefriendingtheQuran #imanpublication #RamadanReads #justreaddontbawang

Nanadhoi (goodreads)
Befriending The Quran

Lepas beli baru tahu buku ni merupakan buku Being A Quran Tag Girl, tapi versi baru. Buku ni bagus sama seperti BAQTG, but maybe this new version lebih organized sikit

Befriending the Quran by Ayesha Syahira
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