If you're coldblooded towards others, Allah will make you far from His mercy. Just like The Prophet once stated:

"Allah doesn't show mercy upon the individuals who don't show benevolence upon individual people."

Thus, if you want the chances of Allah's kindness, be forgiving to other people. You need Allah to be thoughtful to you by be caring to other people. Spare yourself from losing the benevolence of Allah.

Allah talks about another critical segment with regards to saving ourselves.

Most of us make prayers and dua (supplication). We whispered: "O Allah help me… guide me… give me… " "O Allah I'm searching for a great career, allow me a decent wellbeing, a great couple… " and we continue making dua, however a considerable lot of us neglect to make dua for other people.

We make dua just for ourselves, we are childish!

You need everything for yourself. Is it safe to say that it isn't?

Keep in mind the hadith says:

"There are angels state Ameen to the dua that you're making for another person such that they would state 'O Allah allow this individual the equivalent'." (Hadith of Muslim)

So when you state: "O Allah allow this man a million Rand, the angles state 'O Allah give this individual a million too.'"

Whose dua's better?

I wonder on the off chance that you saw the little joke going around on WhatsApp where they state: there is a man who was making dua:

"O Allah give my companion a delightful couple."

Also, his significant other heard the dua and slapped him over the face. So he stated:

"For what reason did you do that?"

She stated:

"I'm not fool! I realize the angls are stating 'give him too'. So you're requesting another wife?"

Try not to misjudge other individuals' du'a. :-)

If you're looking forward for a great book about prayers, dua or supplication, we recommended you 'Call Upon Him', written by Ustaz Mizi WahidAn compulsory book for every muslim. 'Call Upon Him' broadens the understanding of prayers. It helps you to be more strategized, and be committed in making supplication to Allah.


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