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She is The Queen by Dr. Muhammad Al-'Arifi

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Author: Dr. Muhammad Al-'Arifi
Publisher: Dakwah Corner Bookstore
Year Published: 2021
Language: English

ISBN: 9789675699764

Pages: 143 pages

Format: Paperback

Price: RM20.00

Weight: 0.21 kg


This book consists of real inspiring stories that encourage every Muslim woman to guard her religion against all odds. It began with a recent event of a lady who discovered Islam and how she firmly held on to her deen. The Author then continues with anecdotes from the great women of the pasts whom took pride in Islam as her religion amidst the strong barriers during their time, The inner strength of these amazing women just proves that none can steal the crown of any woman by the will of Allah.

The book is indeed indispensable to every Muslimah for You Are the Queen.

Table of Content

  • Introduction
  • Entry
  • Marriage
  • In Russia
  • In Moscow
  • You Dare to Sleep?
  • The Journey of Persecution
  • Are We Getting Separated as a Couple?
  • We Met Again
  • Firmness and a Message
  • To the Airport
  • The Frightful Story
  • Allah Makes a Way Out
  • My Dear Sister
  • The First to Live Near the Sacred Mosque Was a Woman
  • They Boil in the Pots
  • The Infant
  • How Wonderful She Was
  • Wealth in the Grave
  • The Queen
  • The First Believer was a Woman
  • The Last Stab
  • She Drinks from the Sky
  • A Woman from the Inmates of Paradise
  • A Night with Ummu Sulaym
  • A Woman who Trains Her Husband
  • From Norway to Africa
  • And Another One Says
  • Have You Ever Asked Yourself?
  • Where are Our Women Today?
  • The Deprived
  • On the Waives of the Sea
  • From Whom Do You Beautify Yourself?
  • You are a Queen
  • Melodies and Sadness
  • The Incantation for Zina
  • The Killer and the Victim
  • The Bride
  • On the Race Course
  • The War
  • The Ambassador of Women
  • How Precious You are to Us
  • We Crush Skulls for Your Sake
  • Even on the Sick Bed
  • Poor Woman
  • The Great Concern
  • Story
  • The First Night
  • The Second Night
  • The Reward
  • Drowned in the River
  • The Chaste Vendor Roaming About
  • The Tears of Repentant Women
  • Fortunate is She
  • Lastly Oh Protected Jewel

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Nurhanis (Goodreads)
She is The Queen by Dr. Muhammad Al-'Arifi

Good book !

Faridah (Goodreads)
She is The Queen by Dr. Muhammad Al-'Arifi

Good to have it

Safa (Goodreads)
She is The Queen by Dr. Muhammad Al-'Arifi

Love it!

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She is The Queen by Dr. Muhammad Al-'Arifi
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