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Shattered Glass Healing a Broken Heart by Yasmin Mogahed

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Author : Yasmin Mogahed
Publisher: Tertib Publishing
Year Published: July 2020 (second edition)
Language: English
Genre: Motivation, Spiritual
ISBN: 9789671740255
Pages: 71
Format: Paperback


People define happiness differently. Human being generally are very educated on how to treat a broken leg.

We are very educated on how to treat a gunshot wound. But we are not very educated on how to treat a broken heart.

Emotional trauma is something that as a human race, we are handicapped in. We do not teach, we do not have tools, and beyond that, we are not very supportive of the healing process that is necessary for healing a broken heart.

When you get a wound or when you get hurt by something, how do you get yourself treated? What or who helps you in the healing process?

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Customer Reviews

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Semiat Yusuff
Shattered Glass

This book is worth reading for everyone with or without emotional breakdown, broken heart or trauma. It’s a worthy book that helps us to stay in and believe strongly in the hope and help of Allah (S.W.T)

Afzal Maqbool
Mystique Perspective of Mogahed's Shattered Glass

A close read of Shattered Glass indicates mystique idealogy hidden in the book. Mogahed vomits out mystical experiences of life in a style characterized by simplicity,vividness, balance and rhythm. Her's are the ideas tinged with spiritualism in toto. Having had a vast experience of spiritualism from life, she has shared them in her non-fiction book elegantly. The book makes our journey from despair to happiness, from despondency to merriment and from pessimism to optimism. It teaches us the techniques to lead a life in accordance with religious teachings.


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Shattered Glass Healing a Broken Heart by Yasmin Mogahed
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