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Prophet Yusuf Series 2 by Ummu Ammar Amir & Ris Melati Shamsuddin

Telaga Biru
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Author: Ummu Ammar Amir & Ris Melati Shamsuddin
Publisher: Telaga Biru
Year Published: 2017
Language: English
Genre: Children
Age Recommendation: 6 to 11 year old
ISBN: 9789673882762
Pages: 83
Format: Softcover

Prophet Yusuf A.S's stories are the best of stories (ahsanul qasas).

From the time he was young, his life was full of adventures.

He had a strange dream which he told no one but his dad, Prophet Yaakub A.S.

At the same time, his big brothers didn’t really like him and planned to get rid of him.

He was tested when he was thrown down into a well.

What else can the test be? Perhaps, sold by his brother?

Oh no, what would happen to Prophet Yusuf A.S.?

Customer Reviews

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Maimuna Asad

Masha Allah excellent book


I can say that my son and I learn so much from these series. We have finished Series 1 and 2. I forgot to buy the third one. For the past few weeks, we slowly went through each of the chapters. The best part is, we learn language, science, maths, geography and morals from this book. A very engaging book for my 6yo son. Before, he learned about a wishing well from a British cartoon that he watches daily. Through this Sirah, it helps him comprehend that things and creations cannot grant his wish. Only Allah can make that happens.

Prophet Yusuf Series 2 by Ummu Ammar Amir & Ris Melati Shamsuddin
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