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Prophet Muhammad SAW The Hallmark Of Leadership by Dr Azman Hussin, Dr Rozhan Othman, Dr Tareq Al-Suwaidan

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Author: Dr Azman Hussin, Dr Rozhan Othman, Dr Tareq Al-Suwaidan 
Publisher: Dakwah Corner Bookstore
Year Published: 2019
Language: English
Genre: Seerah
ISBN: 9789675699528
Pages: 287
Format: Soft Cover

This book synthesizes advanced knowledge in modern leadership science with leadership examples of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and the history of the generation of his Companions. The approach this book follows is to start with a known modern leadership reference model that is well documented.

It then collects and collates evidence from Hadith (a collection of traditions containing sayings of Prophet Muhammad (SAW)) and Seerah (the life, history, behaviour and habits of Prophet Muhammad (SAW)) based upon the classifications of the model.

The book also examines how the Prophet exercised leadership and made inductively inferences on exemplary leadership behaviours.

This book will help the readers become better leaders at a personal level and also help them provide better leadership for the Muslim community.

Related Keywords: Ramadhan, Ramadan, preparation 

Table of Content

CHAPTER 1: Introduction
  • The Truth About Leadership
  • Combining Modern Leadership Science and Leadership Examples from Muslim History
CHAPTER 2: You Make A Difference
  • Most Influential Person in The History of Mankind
  • Summary of The Success and Impact of The Prophet's Mission
  • Abu Bakr (RA) Showed Leadership on The Day Prophet Muhammad Died
  • 'Umar (RA) Introduced Many Innovations
  • 'Umar (RA) Confirms Four Great Companions as Equal to A Thousand
  • Mus'ab ibn Umair Did All The Hard Work to Prepare For The Eventual Migration of Muslims to Madinah
  • The Last Sermon from Prophet Muhammad
CHAPTER 3: Credibility is the Foundation of Leadership
  • Khadijah Entrusted Her Trade With Muhammad When He Was Only 25 Years Old
  • The Evil An-Nadr bin Al-Harith Confirms The Credibility of The Prophet
  • Even Abu Sufyan Affirmed The Truthfulness of Muhammad When He Was Still Opposed to Islam
  • Abu Bakar Confirms His Absolute Belief in The Prophet's Truthfulness During The Incident of Isra' and Mi'raj
  • Even His Enemies Witnessed on His Honesty and Integrity
  • The Prophet Never Abused His Authority
CHAPTER 4: Values Drive Commitment
  • Never Compromise on Matters of Principle
  • Even If They Put The Sun in My Right Hand and The Moon in My Left...
  • The Prophet Reprimands His Companions When They Overstep Fundamental Values
  • The Same Justice Applies to Those Closest to Prophet Muhammad
  • Prophet Muhammad Exemplifies The Value of Mercy Even After He Received The Worst Treatment at Taif
  • Showing Mercy Even When The Enemy Was Adamant on Killing Him During Uhud
  • Islam Values Freedom
  • It is About Freedom of Choosing One's Religion
  • Unflinching Faith and Commitment to His Mission
  • When The Enemy Transgresses The Prophet Never Hesitated to Use Force
  • If It Be Sinful He Would Be as Far as He Could from It
CHAPTER 5: Focusing on The Future Sets Leaders Apart
  • Painting a Vision of Future Greatness Despite Being in Difficulty
  • 'Adi ibn Hatim Confirms The Prophet's Vision
  • Caliph 'Ali Insisted that The Vision of The Prophet Must Be True
  • Vision on The Conquests of Yemen, Sham and Iraq
  • Umm Haram Longing to Fulfill The Vision as A Naval Fighter
  • Vision on The Conquest of Constantinople
CHAPTER 6: You Can't Do it Alone
  • The Early Followers
  • The Prophets Followers Were The Best of Followers and Companions
  • Ja'far Ibn Abi Taib Becomes The First Foreign Emissary for Islam Even as The Muslims Were Persecuted in Makkah
  • The Companions' Level of Good Deeds Are Phenomenal
  • Tufail bin'Amr Embraced Islam and Led The Daus Tribe from Before Hijrah to The Fifth Year After Hijrah
  • The Ansar from Medina Were Prepared to Fight and Die For Prophet Muhammad and His Cause
  • The Unique Brotherhood in The History of The World
  • The Fighters of Badr Showed that They Were Special
  • The Companions' Extraordinary Love for The Holy Prophet
  • Examples of Courage by The Martyrs of Uhud
  • The Women Followers Displayed Their Love For The Prophet After The Calamities of Uhud
  • Not Even A Thorn Can Hurt The Prophet Except that I Prefer to Be in That Place
  • A Lion of Follower Takes on The Enemy Single Handedly
  • The Prophet Also Had False Followers
  • But The Prophet Never Abused Any of His Companions
CHAPTER 7: Trust Rules
  • Al-Ameen (The Trustworthy) Has Come
  • The Christian Rulers of Najran Insisted that Prophet Muhammad Send to Them Someone Who is Trustworthy
  • Honoring Treaties to The Letter
CHAPTER 8: Challenge is the Crucible for Greatness
  • The First Open Call for Islam Challenged The Very Root of The Makkan Society
  • In The Battle of Uhud The Prophet and Some Companions Showed Courage At The Critical Moment
  • The Prophet Even Accepted The Challenge to Wrestle as An Effort in Da'wah
  • The Greatest Challenge Came Upon The Conquest of Makkah When Revenge Was Expected
CHAPTER 9: Either Lead by Example or Don't Lead at All
  • Prophet Muhammad Worked Hard Despite Hunger During The Battle of Al-Khandaq
  • Leading by Example During The Difficult Period at Al-Hudaybiyah
  • The Servant Leader
CHAPTER 10: The Best Leaders are the Best Learners
  • The Prophet Prepared His People Physically by Encouraging Good Competitive Behavior and He Involved with Them
  • Prophet Muhammad Explained How Fellow Prophets Also Sought For Knowledge
  • Prophet Muhammad Was Always Open to New Ideas
CHAPTER 11: Leadership is an Affair of The Heart
  • The Prophet Gave Everyone Some Material Gain from The Spoils of The Battle of Hunain But Reserved The Best for The Ansar
  • Amr bin Taghlib Attests to How The Prophet Won Over His Heart
  • Many of The Prophet's Speeches and Sermons Led His Followers to Tears
  • All True Believers Truly Love The Prophet
CHAPTER 12: Lessons From the Prophet
  • Foundations of Leadership in Adversity
  • Depersonalizing Leadership
  • Keeping The Big Picture in Perspective
  • Leading from The Front
  • Lead by Learning
  • Leveraging The Uniqueness of People
  • Conclusion
CHAPTER 13: Conclusion
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Prophet Muhammad SAW The Hallmark Of Leadership by Dr Azman Hussin, Dr Rozhan Othman, Dr Tareq Al-Suwaidan
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