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Pain and Passing Islamic Poems of Grief & Healing by Joel Hayward

Claritas Books
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Author: Joel Hayward
Publisher: Claritas Books (December 2017)
Language: English
Genre: Poems, Spiritual
ISBN: 9781905837502
Pages: 195
Format: Soft cover, Paperback

Written with rawness, honesty and pathos, these poems embrace the pain and heartbreak of loss and mourning and reveal the acute spiritual questioning that even devout believers inevitably experience.

Written each day as the outpouring of a heart torn open by painful loss, this collection unfolds in a sequence that coincides with the stages of grief and healing. With deep spiritual insights, Hayward's beautiful poems shine a light on something often hidden away within Islamic discourse; the pain of loss and the wounded soul's pleas to God for explanation, restoration and solace.

Customer Reviews

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A deep and powerful poetry

This moving collection of Islamic poems clearly poured from the anguish of a heart torn in two. The author is confounded by that most human and elemental of questions: why would a merciful and all-powerful God create a world so full of suffering and death. Theological explanations about testing, challenges and punishments clearly don’t provide solice and seem both inadequate and heartless to the grieving, and these rich and evocative poems express frustration at that inadequacy and needlessness. Yet the author holds on to his faith despite that frustration and weaves a magical spell to transfix and inspire the readers. This is a fabulous book. It’s a must-read for the grieving.

Mohamed Amer
I could not put this down

As the previous reviewer said, this book will bring you to tears. This well known Muslim scholar' and poet's dear wife died and he poured his heart out trying to explain the almost unbearable loss as a Muslim who accepts that nothing happens without the will of Allah

Mohamed Idris Khris
Extremely moving and powerful

I was moved to tears. These Islamic. poems about dying, death and the pain of loss are beautifully written.

Pain and Passing Islamic Poems of Grief & Healing by Joel Hayward
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