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Not Here To Stay by N.F Afrina

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Author: N.F Afrina
Publisher: Whitecoat
Year Published: 2022
Language: English
ISBN: 9789672705192
Pages:585 pages
Format: Paperback
Price: RM45.00
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Sarah Amani is a Worldsmith. At eighteen, she accidentally conjured a mythical world called Lagenda with the help of a past lover, Malik. Five years had passed and she was on a straight path to healing and moving on. She made sure nobody could enter Lagenda again and only allowed people to come in as wanderers by giving them petals as tickets. It was her way of ensuring that Lagenda remained hers without destroying it.

Just when she thought she could leave her past, she was invited back into the world with a note saying You know what to do. -M. She had to go back to Lagenda to make sure the person who sent her the note could not take the world from her. What Amani found is that Lagenda was not as abandoned as she thought it was. Determined to save her world from being exploited and smeared more than how it already is, she sets to burn every door and relic holding the world together. If she cannot keep Lagenda, nobody should. But it seemed that the person who sent her the note had other plans.

Together with her trusty dagger, Misya, her sister, a stubborn historian called Najmi and all the misfits she never dreamed of collaborating with, she would find herself propelling straight to her dark past and beloved world.

Customer Reviews

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That was such a ride.

this book got me hooked from the beginning until the end. the writing in this book is so beautiful and the plot is just absolutely stunning. honestly i’ve never read this kind of book in my whole life. the way this book talks about someone’s journey to recover and closure. a whole rollercoaster.

so this book contains a lot of internal monologues with beautiful and interesting quotes and that was the reason i adore this book so much. this book talks about Amani who is couldn’t forgive herself for the sins she had done in the past and also the gaslighting she did to herself. this book is very character-driven. it’s not just about the Lagenda but it’s about Amani. ngl the starting of this book makes me confused a little bit bcs of the numbers but then i realized there’s going to be a flashback in the plot. interesting right? saying i love this book does not do any justice to this book. this book feels like a warm hug but at the the same time it feels like punch in your face. i don’t even know how many times i cried over this book. the author really did well even though i don’t know what’s was she thinking when she wrote this book like IM A MESS AFTER FINISH THIS. the climax, the ending, the characters, the plot, the magical realist elements in this book EVERYTHING ARE JUST PERFECT. hands down.

Amani, she’s very strong woman i literally could relate to her every single things. she really inspired me. i love her and i wanna hug her so bad. she’s been through a lot and she really deserves a happy ending. Malik, he’s just a fictional character that walking red flag. i hope and pray that we will never meet a guy like Malik. lastly, Najmi the love interest. i have nothing to say about him but he deserves my respect. he is the man. he is a very loveable person.

i got to learn a lot of life lessons from this book. i’m still amaze with the author’s writing. also, love how the way author relate some things with Islam like that’s brilliant. there are a lot of things i wanna say but i don’t think it could put into words. this book will always has a special place in my heart.

Swetha S

It is very difficult to write a story about abuse. Abuse often has so many complex mechanics going on, and I really admire this book for exploring that. The sort of self-doubt, isolation, and fear that the character experiences, hoping for the tiny moments of happiness, believing that she just needs to endure this or change that to make everything better, is so realistic. I also enjoyed the magical realist and non-linear aspects of the book. There was so much creativity involved in that.

Adelia Khalid

I was lucky enough to have read this book prior to it's release and it is a must-read especially for anyone who can relate to the struggles depicted in this book. If you're a fan of prose, magical realism and whimsical dream-like storytelling, PICK THIS BOOK UP.

Not Here To Stay by N.F Afrina
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