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Format: Paperback
Jumlah Muka Surat: 218

"Look, another dead end! It is impossible to reach the other side of the road; just look at this broken bridge!"

"Hmm.. but from the way I see it, there is still hope because the space between it makes it possible for us to jump to reach the other side of the road."

"Are you insane? Even if it's possible, it is still risky. We might not make it."

"But you can choose courage over a negative mindset. Be fearless! See ya on the other side. I'm making a LEAP!"

-Sharifah Nadirah- A 23 years old full-time MSc student who is also a part-time optometrist with a deep passion for history and aspires to be a historian one day while enjoying art as a current hobby and loves to write sometimes.

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