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(AS-IS) Tales of Mothers 2 Of Love and Courage

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Author: Raudah Yunus & MD. Mahmudul Hasan
Publisher: IMAN Publication
Year Published: 2019
Language: English
ISBN: 9789832423706
Format: Paperback

Of Love and Courage

1. The ability to do something that frightens one; bravery.
1.1 Strength in the face of pain

At some level, we are all afraid of pain, rejection and failure. This fear alone is enough to stop us from challenging ourselves to reach for whatever we want in life.

But mothers would cross the bridge of fear bravely, sacrificing all that they have in pursuit of securing only the best for their children.

Tales of Mothers : Of Love and Courage features 10 real-life anecdotes from mothers and their stories of unconditional love and bravery in the face of adversity.

These stories will break our hearts, but they will also inspire within us a newfound respect and appreciation for our mothers.

Customer Reviews

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inspiring stories for all woman out there,even you are not a mother yet

The continuition of Tales of Mothers 1. Again,inspiring stories for all woman out there,even you are not a mother yet. Like the author said - motherhood is relevant to anyone as we are all born from the womb of mothers,even if we do not become one.
The topic that I like the most and it is related with me : Transform Broken to beautiful. Love the ‘Kintsukuroi’ concept !

Quotes and point taken :

“ Children are a mirror of you. They are innocent,uncorrupted and will reflect the values you instil in them “
“ In society that often reminds you that only throught marriage and motherhood you can become ‘complete’,always bear in mind that none of these truly defines you,and the lack of it either does not lessen your worth”
- Raudhah Mohd Yunus-

“ When you come out of the storm,you wont be the same person who walked in “ Haruki Murakami

“ Rock-bottom leaves you with no choices but to go up.I did gradually rise,but for me rising meant coming down on my knees first,in prostration to God “

“ Life adversities are inevitable,but what we can control is how we deal with it. Either we choose to blame,be permanently pessimist and self destruct, or we face the ‘tests’ with faith and belief that God will compesate us for our patience and persistence “ - Shazana Rifham-

Leason raising autism child:
1.Balance is important in whatever you do.
2.Comparison is the thief of joy
- Aida Mokhtar-

“ Think of betrayal,rejection or failure like a wound that leaves a scar. But rather than you becoming a lesser person,the existence of tge scar is testimony of the growth,of who you have become because of tge pain. You do have the choice to not become bitter especially if the pain that you experienced is none of your fault. You do have the choice to let it turn you into a more beautiful,resilient person “

The struggle of being a mother with sick/disabled child is not as easy as you might think,

My third book for this year Alhamdulillah

Hi everyone, I choose this book personally not because of the review or sequel book, but when I flip open this book , I came across the page where it explains about medical condition of the kids, then I grab the book and surprisingly, I enjoy very much reading this book. I am not mother ( yet ), and I very much hope to be a mother of 6 ( InsyaAllah, Amiiinnn ).

I learn a lot about mother. The struggle of being a mother with sick/disabled child is not as easy as you might think, they have to sacrifice their career, their time and some might be their other kids as they have to give fully attention to the disabled child. What I notice most of the author is very well educated, some of them are medical doctors, some are Master/PHD students and some of them are a great civil servants, and business owner. I think most of them born in privelege. They have the opportunity to pursue studies, mostly overseas.

But what I also realized is, they have a full support from obviously their husband, their kids and the whole family which makes me touched and overwhelmed with the support the mother receive to grow their kids similar to the other able kids. I am happy to hear the achievement. If I were at their place, I might not be as strong as them, as even right now, I am still unmarried and what I did is I can only pray to God to give me husband who can fully support and accept me by all means, InsyaAllah.

"Traditionally, womanhood and motherhood are considered indivisible, intensely linked and often treated as synonymous identities and categories of experience. Further, womanhood and motherhood are, again, traditionally associated with marriage and family. As womanhood and motherhood often involve hardships, women are expected to adopt the principle of self-sacrifice. Because of gender stereotypes, expectations and associated societal barriers, women and mothers face extensive difficulties while taking care of the household

Iris Ymra
A compilation of journeys in motherhood

A compilation of journeys in motherhood. We are brought in a tale of sacrifices, courage and most importantly love from women who are called mother. The real-life experiences of these mothers -- going through various challenges the moment they hit the title of being a mother -- from health and educational issues, society and every selfless act they have to make for their children.

This book inspired and aspired us to be more appreciative toward our mother for we never know what they have gone through on raising us.

The touching stories shared in this book had me crying my entire reading. And I realized that entering motherhood required so much more than just having children but knowledge in every aspect of life is crucial. Nobody is ever be really prepared but a journey into motherhood is definitely a long-life learning opportunities

(AS-IS) Tales of Mothers 2 Of Love and Courage
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