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(AS-IS) Smart Single Muslimah by Farhat Amin

Farhat Amin
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Author: Farhat Amin

Publisher: Farhat Amin

Year Published: 2021

Language: English

ISBN: 9798727842829

Pages: 199 pages

Format: Paperback

Weight: 320g



Smart Single Muslimah was written for the one who is about to embark on a life-changing journey. For the one who is searching for a God-conscious compatible husband. And for the one who is consumed by hopelessness and is in need of Allah's guidance.

Smart Single Muslimah is a practical marriage guide for Muslim women. In the book, you'll discover:

  • Why women are not getting married

  • How to find a husband

  • How to find out if you are compatible

  • What questions to ask a potential spouse

  • How to deal with disappointment

Adopting a smart Islamic approach to relationships is about following some simple prophetic principles that will help you change your habits and attitudes about getting married. If you want honest pre-marriage advice that addresses contemporary issues you're facing then this thought-provoking book was written for you.

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But worry not, it is perfectly readable. This book gets a 10% discount.

Customer Reviews

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Sesuai untuk mereka yang sedang skeptikal tentang perkhawinan.

Buat mereka yang masih meragui dan mencari jawapan tujuan sebenar mendirikan rumah tangga mengikut syariat islam, buku ini untuk anda. Yes! terutamanya gadis semasa di luar sana! Isi kandungan buku ini banyak membincangkan isu-isu stereotypes generasi muda sekarang hadapi.
Trust Issue. Niat Perkhawinan. Expectation on perkhawinan. Persiapan sebelum khawin. etc.

Taknak bagi spoiler 😂 set kan niat,baca la sendiri.

(AS-IS) Smart Single Muslimah by Farhat Amin
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