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(AS-IS) Child Loss, Bereavement and Hope: A Muslim Mother's Perspective by Farhat Amin

Farhat Amin
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Author: Farhat Amin

Publisher: Independently Published
Year Published: 2018 
Language: English
ISBN: 9781792867408
Pages: 192 pages
Format: Paperback
Price: RM43.00
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Dear Reader,

I know exactly how you are feeling. People will tell you, to have sabr and trust in Allah's plan. People will expect you to behave in a certain way. I have written this loss of a child book for you and for me.

We are mothers who have lost a piece of our heart. No one else can understand what we are going through. There are many self-help books for women and child loss stories, however, very few are written from an Islamic perspective. I am here to tell you that there is hope, there is a way to find peace and solace, and that way is through the healing words of Allah and the comforting words of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (saw).

Inshallah, both the Quran and Sunnah are a balm that will soothe your heart. Together they have helped me carry on when I thought my sorrow would consume me. Inshallah, my sincere dua is that this book provides you with comfort.

Love and Duas Farhat Amin

Losing a baby or child, whether through miscarriage or illness, leaves so many parents lost in grief and full of unanswered questions. Farhat Amin personally experienced a miscarriage and faced the loss of her teenage son. She has written this self-help book, which thoughtfully describes her experiences and how she found a way to live and learn from her bereavement. Some of the proceeds from the sale of this book will be donated to charity.

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(AS-IS) Child Loss, Bereavement and Hope: A Muslim Mother's Perspective by Farhat Amin
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