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Are You Hurt? by Ibn Taimiyyah

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Author: Ibn Taimiyyah
Publisher: Dakwah Corner Publications
Year Published: October 2020
Language: English
Genre: Motivational
ISBN: 9789675699658
Pages: 67
Format: Soft cover

The Prophet Muhammad SAW said,

“If the Muslim relates with the people and forbears when they hurt him, he is better than the Muslim who would not relate with the people nor forbear over hurt they direct to him. ” (At-Tirmidhee and Ibn Maajah)

Shaykh al-Islam Ibn Taimiyyah رحمه الله mentioned the virtues of returning forbearance and kindness when envy and hurt were directed toward us. He summarized 20 formulas that will help us how to exercise patience in this invaluable book.

Table of content

  1. Ponder about Their Creator
  2. Looking Inwards
  3. Remember the Great Rewards
  4. Forgiveness is Sweet
  5. Retaliation Brings Demean
  6. Rewards are in the Form of Deeds
  7. Thoughts of Reprisal is Unhealthy
  8. Retaliating and Gratifying the Self
  9. Recompense for Patience is Guaranteed
  10. Allah Likes the Forbearing Servant
  11. Patience is a Half of Eemaan
  12. Forbearance is Self-Control
  13. Don't Fight It
  14. Forbearance Holds Back Aggression
  15. Avoid Worse Cases
  16. Revenge is Self-Serving
  17. Do Not Lose Atonement for Sins
  18. Preserve Your Forces
  19. Gaining the Edges
  20. Earning for Good Deeds

Customer Reviews

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Adriana Najwa

I love this book very much❤️🥺This book open my mind widely,tell me that we should fobearance to others..this such a beautiful book I ever had😭❤️

1 Review
Are You Hurt? by Ibn Taimiyyah
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