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A Year of Journaling for Serene Souls

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Genre : Journal
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Pages : 164 pg

About :
[A YEAR OF JOURNALING FOR THE SERENE SOULS: Journaling Journey towards the Creator]

Get ready to have a great year by planning and adorning your year with the beautiful, colorful planner, full of things that will inspire you to improve, and make the best of 2020, insyaAllah!

A Year of Journaling for Serene Souls 💖 Getting to know Allah by understanding who you are while planning for the future that He holds inshaAllah.

"…Verily, in the remembrance of Allah do hearts find rest." (13:28)

Remembrance of Allah is the foundation of all good deeds. Thus, A Year of Journaling for Serene Souls is an 'amal-based journal with missions, goals and trackers. It focuses on building and strengthening our relationship with Allah by constantly remembering Him in many many ways. The journal also builds the habit of getting to know yourself in order to get to know Allah, our Great Creator.

So get a hand of the journal and enjoy the monthly missions that not only help you gain knowledge and understanding of each of His name (asmaul husna), but also practise like those who are promised the Jannah an-Na'im (Paradise of Delight). May Allah bless our efforts and the journal mirrors our book of deeds inshaAllah.

It is an ALL YEAR JOURNAL- not limited to 2020 only, with 12 months planner. So start anytime! It is NEVER too late to start journaling to get to know our Creator and His magnificence and planning for the eternal garden of Paradise!

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Nor Farhana Jamil

A Year of Journaling for Serene Souls

A Year of Journaling for Serene Souls
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