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A Priceless Princess - Love Notes To A Daughter by Dr. Nasiroh Omar

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Author: Dr. Nasiroh Omar
Publisher: Dakwah Corner Bookstore
Year Published: 2017
Language: English
Genre: Children, motivation
ISBN: 9789675699559
Pages: 75
Format: Paperback

Love Notes to A Daughter.

"A daughter is an everlasting treasure, a priceless gift."

As time goes on, our girls will grow up and start to lead their own lives. They will encounter many challenges throughout their journey in this world, but with the help of useful reminders and lasting knowledge, one can stay on righteous path of Islam.
From observing the signs of God's existence to fulfiling our duties as a Muslim, the future of a successful daughter in both this life and the Hereafter begins with a good foundation.

A Priceless Princess is an essential collection of notes from a mother to her daughter. It details the journey of life as a Muslim in a modern and engaging way that is easy for young girls and children to understand. With direct passages from the Qur'an and Hadith, this book can also be used as a guide for parents and Islamic educators alike.

In addition, this book can be a personalized gift to each daughter as it has a special memorabilia section for a mother and her daughter. Indeed, it is suitable for a mother to have her own personalized copy with her mother too! Truly, having a reminder of our own mother is always a treasure regardless of age and generations.

Table of Content

  1. From Where to Where?
  2. Life is about Knowing the End Points
  3. Life is about Pursuing the Standard Journey
  4. Life is Short!
  5. Life is a Duty
  6. Life is like a Game
  7. How to Gain Rewards and Avoid Sins
  8. Life is about Winning a Game
  9. Allah has the Greatest CCTV
10. Allah has the Greatest Database
11. Life is Multi-Level Marketing
12. Life is a series of Assessments
13. Life is about Showing your Love to your Parents

14. Life is a Multi-Tasking Challenge
15. Life is a Concurrent System
16. Life is about Abiding by the Muslims' Clothing Code
17. Signs of Allah's Existence
18. Life is about Gaining Allah's Mercy
19. Life is about Avoiding Sins
20. Life is about Cleanliness
21. Life is about Choosing Good Friends
22. Life is about Choosing a Good Job
23. Life is about Reciting Prayer
24. Life is about Reciting the Qur'an
25. Future Queen of Many Hearts
26. Last But Not Least

Customer Reviews

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Nurizzati Shafiqah
A Priceless Princess - Love Notes To A Daughter

Thank you IMAN Shoppe, I received the book in good condition and fast delivery..

Review for the book; I totally fall in love with the book! The price is affordable and the author had done a very good job. When I was reading the book, it feel as if a mother is giving an advice to a daughter. As if it was written with love. And the book is suitable for daughters (of all ages!), it is a compilation of notes, a reminder and important thing for a daughter to know and be taught of as she will soon have a daughter too.

A good read, thank you Dr. Nasiroh and IMAN Shoppe! ☺️

1 Review
A Priceless Princess - Love Notes To A Daughter by Dr. Nasiroh Omar
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