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50 Candles to Light your Path by Dr Abdulkarim Bakka

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Author: Dr. Abdulkarim Bakka
Publisher: Dakwah Corner Bookstore
Year Published: 2014
Language: English
Genre: Motivation, spiritual
ISBN: 9789675699368
Pages: 202
Format: Paperback

"To my sons and daughter"


One goal brings them together: how to improve the well-being of our sons and daughters, how to aid them towards threading the path of guidance to engender their excelling in their academic, work and other facets of life.


Table Of Content

Candle 1: Entering Into A Dark Room
Candle 2: Try To Pass The Greatest Exam
Candle 3: We Are Equal At Birth And Different Upon The Time Of Death
Candle 4: Do Not Move A Rock At The Top Of A Mountain
Candle 5: Be Yourself
Candle 6: After All, You Are What You Believe
Candle 7: Male Is Not Like The Female
Candle 8: Search For The Real Success
Candle 9: Seek Always To Be A Part Of The Solution
Candle 10: Do You Wish To Know Yourselves?
Candle 11: Dear Daughter, Be Careful!
Candle 12: Be Among The Thankful And Grateful Ones
Candle 13: Your Mothers, Then, Your Fathers
Candle 14: Proficient With Excellence
Candle 15: Do Not Compromise Your Principles
Candle 16: Work Is The Key For Life
Candle 17: Youthful Spirit
Candle 18: The Personal Touch
Candle 19: More Awareness
Candle 20: Respect Of Others
Candle 21: There Is A Bearing Capacity For Everything
Candle 22: The Real Giving
Candle 23: Do Not Surrender To Failure
Candle 24: Happiness Is An Internal Flow
Candle 25: Be Good Friends

Candle 26: Do Not Accept The Less
Candle 27: Save Distinguished Works For Hard Times
Candle 28: The Greatest Weak Point
Candle 29: Reading Is The Way To Maturity
Candle 30: Perseverance Makes Wonders
Candle 31: The Greatest Art
Candle 32: Mercy Is Above Power
Candle 33: Fortify Yourselves Against Fear
Candle 34: Live Your Time!
Candle 35: Accept Differences
Candle 36: Have Little Fun
Candle 37: Respect The Truth
Candle 38: The Stubborn Opponent
Candle 39: Search For Opportunities
Candle 40: You Would Learn In As Much As You Put Effort
Candle 41: Generous Without Limits
Candle 42: Patriotism Is A Belonging And Giving
Candle 43: The Spirit Of Being Religious
Candle 44: It Is The Knowledge, And Not The Intelligence
Candle 45: The Key To All Good
Candle 46: Resist Partiality
Candle 47: Logical Behavior
Candle 48: Noble Ambition
Candle 49: Looking Forward
Candle 50: Spread Happiness And Glad Tidings

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50 Candles to Light your Path by Dr Abdulkarim Bakka
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