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30 Ways To Attain Happiness (3rd Edition) by Muhammad Bin Abdilaah Ash Shaayi'

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Author: Muhammad Bin Abdillaah Ash Shaayi'
Publisher: Dakwah Corner Bookstore
Year Published: 2016
Language: English
Genre: Motivation
ISBN: 9789834462635
Pages: 94
Format: Paperback

This great book is guidance for all especially the Muslims society in our daily life as it presents the ways of dealing with the daily life cycle, accepting the pasts and bracing for tomorrows based on the teaching of the Qur’an and Sunnah.

Table of content

  1. Ponder and Give Thanks
  2. The Past is Gone!
  3. Today is Yours
  4. Leave the Future Until It Comes
  5. Coping With Wicked Criticism
  6. Don't Await Thanks From Anybody
  7. Being Nice to Others is the Heart's Comfort
  8. Occupying Spare Time With Work
  9. Don't Be a Sycophant
  10. Qadaa and Qadar
  11. Certainly, With Hardship, There is Relief
  12. Make a Pleasant Drink From the Lemon
  13. Is Not He Who Responds to the Distressed One, When He Calls Him?
  14. Stay in Your House!
  15. Recompense is From Allah!
  16. Eemaan is Life
  17. Squeeze the Honey But Break Not the Hive
  18. Verily in the Remembrance of Allah Do Minds Find Rest
  19. Or Do They Envy Men for What Allah Has Bestowed Them of His Bounty?
  20. Face Life as It is
  21. Take Consolation From the Stricken
  22. The Prayer... The Prayer
  23. Allah is Sufficient for Us and is the Best Disposer of Affairs
  24. Say: 'Travel in the Land'
  25. Patience is Beautiful
  26. Do Not Place the Globe on Your Head
  27. Don't Be Ignited by Petty Things
  28. Be Contented With What Allah Has

Customer Reviews

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Kak Ellereads (Goodreads)
30 Ways To Attain Happiness

I have finished reading this a week ago. The book is very thin I would say. But I love the chapters that were being discussed by the author.

Some of the chapters I would say redundant but if you see it from another point of view, repeating something similar few times actually helps us a lot in remembering right.

4🌟 read for me. For more details on the book review you may check it out in my IG @kakellereads ❤️

Happy reading fellow bookworms ❤️❤️❤️

Aimuni (Goodreads)
30 Ways To Attain Happiness

Book of guidance for Muslims in our daily life as it presents ways of dealing with the daily life occurrences, accepting the past, bracing up tomorrow based on the guidance of Quran and Sunnah.

Fatini (Goodreads)
30 Ways To Attain Happiness

Despair, sadness, misery are Allah's creations. Only Allah can remove His creations. Allah creates happiness, only Allah can give it to whomever He wants.
I love everything about this book. The language is simple. The price is cheap. The elaboration is short for each step to attain happiness. Some of the sentences pierced into my heart that made me reflect and relate it with my life experiences.
Even though it only has 98 pages and can be finished in one sitting, it took me 3 days to finish. Each chapter made me think. I spent a lot of time thinking, relating and finding ways how to practice it in daily life.
I love how this book made me feel like I need other three notebooks to fully utilize '30 ways to attain happiness'. The first notebook is used to write reflections. The second notebook is actually my 2021 journal which I'll use to practice one tip per day. The third notebook is to list unknown words used (yea I still have one book specifically for vocabulary like we did in school)
I love how this book using the Quran to derive the tips. It made me go upstairs, get my Quran and highlight the verses used. Reading it is like reading al-Quran and really understand the verses.
Since today is 18th February. I decided to practice the 18th way to attain happiness. Thus, I noted it in the journal.

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30 Ways To Attain Happiness (3rd Edition) by Muhammad Bin Abdilaah Ash Shaayi'
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