The Art Of Making Du'a

When it comes to making Du’a, we might feel one of these two feelings :

“I’ve been asking Allah s.w.t. for a quite a while now, and I’ve been doing my best to maintain good character as a Muslim too. But why is it taking such a long time for Him to answer my Du’a?”

“Will Allah listen to my prayer, even after all the sins that I’ve committed? Is there hope for me?”


The original version of this book was titled Prayers For Success, and it was first published in 2011. Now in 2019, Ustaz Mizi Wahid has collaborated IMAN Publication to revise the contents and produce an updated version of this book with the title renamed to Call Upon Him : 21 Steps To Strengthen Our Trust In Allah

This book is not merely a compilation of supplications taken from the Quran and the Sunnah. It is a book written with the sole intention to inspire Muslims to have unquestionable faith in the Most Generous Lord, Allah s.w.t. through the supplications they make to Him.

There are plenty of books out there this present day which compiles a list of supplications; long and short, along with its meanings for their readers to choose from. Thus, this book hopes to deliver differently, in the area of encouragement and support for those who have been knocking on heaven’s doors but have yet to get a response or have been disappointed with the answers they have received so far.

In this book, tips are written on the recommended times and methods, encouragement is given to stay in faith throughout the long wait and selected supplications are written to keep us connected to Allah s.w.t. through constant remembrance and prayer.


Reasons To Read This Book


In Call Upon Him, tips are written on the topics of making du'a and how to strengthen our trust when we are required to stay in faith throughout the long wait after our prayer.


This book does not talk about waiting passively for our prayers to be answered. It is about working proactively to nurture our relationship and trust in Allah each time we communicate with Him through our prayers.


Selected recommended supplications by the author are also included for readers to put into practice.


    STEP 1-5

    Step 1: Begin With Deep Personal Reflections     
    Step 2: Make Supplication A Habit

    Step 3: Seeking From An Unlimited Source

    Step 4: Ask And Be Consistent  
    Step 5: Have Clear And Firm Intentions 

    STEP 6-10
    STEP 11-15
    STEP 16-21


    QUESTION 1-5
    QUESTION 6-10


    LIST 1-13
    LIST 14-26

    The author of 'The Art Of Letting God'. 

    Muhammad Tarmizi Bin Abdul Wahid is the CEO of Safinah Institute, an Islamic education centre which was started in Singapore in 2009. It conducts Islamic courses in English for all age groups engaging the students with questions, sharings and discussions.

    Safinah also conducts camps for teens and children as well as spiritual retreats for adults on a regular basis which are led by Tarmizi.

    He is a graduate of the Al-Azhar University in Cairo, majoring in Islamic Law. Upon graduation, he served at the Islamic Religious Council of Singapore in the Office of the Mufti department for two and a half years before embarking on an entrepreneurial journey. He has been featured on local television, interviewed on local radio stations and have also written numerous articles for various publications.

    His passion in life is to inspire people through the words of the Quran and Sunnah via his talks and writings. He enjoys traveling and spending quality time with his family. He resides in the North-Eastern side of sunny Singapore with wife, Fadhilah. They are blessed with four beautiful children.

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