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World Without Walls by Ayman Rashdan Wong

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Author: Ayman Rashdan Wong
Publisher: Patriots Publishing
Year Published: November 2020
Language: English
Genre: Geopolitics
ISBN: 9789672437093
Pages: 214
Format: Hard cover

Knowledge is power.
Language is symbolic.
Geography is destiny.

These three expressions are the factors that can break the wall that brings differences among human in the world in reaching agreement and understanding between one another.

The knowledge about international geopolitics is the key to the survival of country and nations, and knowledge gained must be based on the principles of Realism, Diplomacy and Patriotism.

These principles will be explained through 50 articles that have been written by the writer over the past year on geopolitics and international relations.

Customer Reviews

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First step to know geopolitic

I have previously read the original Malay version quite a long time ago and would like to give it a try to read English version.
Basically, the topics in the book are from the writer's posts on Facebook. Those topics about geopolitical issues happened a few years back around 2017. Most of topic still relevant today - such as Palestine-Israel, China's OBOR idea, North Korea, Middle East (Yemen vs Saudi, Qatar vs Saudi, Iran vs Saudi, Syria), US vs China. Recommended for those who would like to understand those issues holistically and easily.

World Without Walls by Ayman Rashdan Wong
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