Women In Islam What The Quran & Sunnah Say by Abdur Raheem Kidwai
Author: Abdur Raheem KidwaiPublisher: Kube PublishingYear Published (Revised): 2020Language: EnglishGenre: Islam & SpiritualISBN: 9781847741400Pages: 196Format: Hard coverWomen in Islam is an attractive book of simple compilation of quotations from the Qur’an and Hadith collections that refer to or address women...
Learning The Pillars of Islam With Jibril by Abu Ahmed Farid
Author: Abu Ahmed FaridPublisher: Dakwah Corner Publications (2020)Language: EnglishGenre: ChildrenISBN: 9789670835198Pages: 64Format: Softcover, PaperboundThis book is specially designed as a guide for young Muslims as well as new Muslims and non-Muslims who may desire to see Islam at a glance. The most...
How The Bible Led Me To Islam by Yusha Evans
Author: Yusha EvansPublisher: Tertib PublishingYear Published: February 2020Language: EnglishGenre: SpiritualISBN: 9789672420057Pages: 85Format: Paperback In the summer of 1996, Yusha Evans went on a passage through the Bible and its four Gospel. He scrutinized more than five different religions in search of God...
The Salah – The Prophet's Prayer Described by Muhammad Nasir Al-Din Al-Albani
Author: Muhammad Nasir Al-Din Al-AlbaniPublisher: Dakwah Corner BookstoreYear Published: 2014Language: EnglishGenre: FiqhISBN: 9789834462611Pages: 178Format: Hardcover It is not possible to us to perform the Salah (Prayer) as it should be performed unless we know the detailed description of the Prayer shown...
Great Women Of Islam Who Were Given The Good News Of Paradise by Mahmood Ahmad Ghadanfar
Author: Mahmood Ahmad GhadanfarPublisher: DarussalamYear Published: 2009Language: EnglishGenre: SeerahISBN: 9789960897271Pages: 272Format: Hard cover This book is about the life stories of the Mothers of the Believers and 16 other Sahabyat who had been given the good news of the paradise in...
The Choice Islam & Christianity by Ahmed Deedat
Author: Ahmed Deedat Publisher: Dakwah Corner Publications Year Published: 2019 Language: English Genre: Comparative religion ISBN: 9789670835242 Pages: 466  Format: Soft cover This path-breaking research by an expert Muslim scholar (of Christian Bible) aims to help Muslims and Christians understand their...
Discover the Best in You! Life Coaching for Muslims by Sayeda Habib
Author: Sayeda HabibPublisher: KUBE PublishingYear Published: 2012Language: EnglishGenre: Self help, MotivationalISBN: 9781847740250Pages: 184Format: Soft coverThis book is beautifully practical and will give you the powerful insights into what and how to change your life. Sayeda has a simple and very effective...
Let Us Be Muslims by Sayyid Abdul A'la Mawdudi
Author: Sayyid Abdul A'la Mawdudi Publisher: Kube Publishing LtdYear Published: 2018Language: EnglishGenre: SpiritualISBN: 9780860371571Pages: 312Format: Paperback This is a new revised and edited edition of Sayyid Mawdudi’s Urdu Khutubat which cover themes pillar of Islam (faith, prayer, fasting, charity, and pilgrimage); and...
Panduan Solat (A Guide to Salah) by Muhammad Abdul Karim Saqib
Penulis: Muhammad Abdul Karim SaqibPenerbit: Dakwah Corner BookstoreISBN : 9789675699627Genre: IbadahFormat: PaperboundKetebalan: 112 m/sPanduan Solat———————Wudhu dan TayyamumWaktu, Tempat, Pakaian dan Jenis-Jenis SolatWaktu Solat. Waktu-waktu yang dilarang Solat. Waktu-waktu yang dilarang Solat Nafil (Sunat). Tempat untuk Solat. Pakaian untuk Solat. Bilangan...
Worship in Islam An In-Depth Study of Ibadah, Salah and Sawm by Abul A'la Mawdudiï
Author: Abul A‘la MawdudiPublisher: Kube Publishing LtdYear Published: 2014Language: EnglishGenre: SpiritualityISBN: 9780860375715Pages: 240Format: Paperback Worship in Islam is in-depth study of the nature and significance of Islamic spirituality by Abul A‘la Mawdudi (1903–79), one of the leading Muslim intellectuals of the...
Author:  Sayeda Habib Publisher: Kube Publishing Year Published: 2021 Language: English ISBN: 9781847741639 Pages: 240 pagesFormat: Paperback Weight: 0.43kg Synopsis: Discover the best in your relationships is the second book in the ‘Discover the best in you’ series. This self-help book looks at...
Solat Jumaat by Imam An-Nawawi
Karya asal: Al- Majmu' Syarh Al- Muhahazzab oleh Imam An-Nawawi Penterjemah: Wan Mohd Nasir Wan Abd Wahab Ilmu fiqah adalah salah satu daripada ilmu-ilmu Islam yang sangat mulia dan utama kerana dengan ilmu fiqah itu, seseorang muslim dapat melaksanakan suruhan...
Tazkiyyatun Nafs Penyucian Jiwa dalam Islam
Ketahuilah, bahwa di dalam jasad manusia terdapat segumpal daging. Jika ia baik maka baik pula seluruh jasadnya, dan jika ia rusak maka rusak pula seluruh jasadnya. Ketahuilah bahwa segumpal daging itu ialah Hati. (HR.Al-Bukhari) Hati ibarat seorang raja yang mengatur...
Longing For God's Closeness Rediscovering the Beauty of Daily Prayers by Ayesha Syahira
Title: Longing For God's Closeness: Rediscovering the Beauty of Daily Prayers Author: Ayesha Syahira  Publisher: IMAN Publication Year Published: 2021 Language: English Genre: Spiritual ISBN: 9789672459163 Page: 285 m/s Format: PaperbackIn this book, Ayesha Syahira uncovers her secret gems and reflections on how...
A Guide to Salah (Prayer) by Muhammad Abdul Karim Saqib
  Author: Muhammad Abdul Rahim SaqibPublisher: Dakwah Corner BookstoreYear Published: 2015Language: EnglishGenre: IbadahISBN: 9789834462604Pages: 112Format: Paperback This book is the result of direct research into the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad saw and makes numerous references to the original sources. It contains...
7 Steps to Spiritual Intelligence by Musharraf Hussain
Author: Musharraf HussainPublisher: Kube PublishingYear Published: 2014Language: EnglishGenre: Spiritual, Self-helpISBN: 9781847740786Pages: 94Format: Soft coverA contemporary and highly accessible way to understand and apply Islamic teachings to spirituality. Based on classical Islamic scholarship."When you are spiritually intelligent you become more aware...
7 Steps to Moral Intelligence by Musharraf Hussain
Author: Musharraf HussainPublisher: Kube PublishingYear Published: 2017Language: EnglishGenre: SpiritualISBN: 9781847740090Format: Soft cover, PaperbackA handbook to universal moral teachings, based on Imam Ghazali's teachings.How do we develop a good understanding of right and wrong? How do we change ourselves so that...
Prayers of the Pious by Omar Suleiman
Author: Omar SuleimanPublisher: Kube Publishing LtdYear Published: 2019Language: EnglishGenre: SpiritualISBN: 9781847741295Pages: 144Format: Hardcover Imam Ahmad was once asked, what is the distance between us and the throne of God? A pious prayer from a pure heart, was his reply, that’s how...
Daily Wisdom Islamic Prayers & Supplications by Abdur Raheem Kidwai
  Author: Abdur Raheem KidwaiPublisher: Kube Publishing LtdYear Published: 2013Language: EnglishGenre: SpiritualISBN: 9781847740434Pages: 512Format: Hardcover About : This beautiful presentation of Islamic prayers and supplications engages the reader in a moment daily reflection. With 365 prayers covering the whole year, this...
Zikir Pagi, Petang & Selepas Solat
Zikir Pagi, Petang & Selepas SolatAuthor: Dakwah Corner ResearchPublisher: Dakwah Corner BookstoreYear Published: 2021Language: Bahasa MelayuISBN: 9789675699719Pages: 76 pagesFormat: PaperbackPrice: RM7.00Weight : 50g
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Muslim Woman's Participation in Social Life (Vol. 2) by Abd al-Halim Abu Shuqqah
Author: Abd al-Halim Abu Shuqqah Publisher: KUBE Publishing Year Published: 2021 Language: English ISBN:9781847741523 Pages: 175 pages Format: Paperback Weight: 0.26 kg Synopsis: In volume 2, the author shows that mixed social life was the pattern in the early Muslim...
Author: Asim KhanPublisher: Kube PublishingYear Published: 2021Language: EnglishISBN: 9780860378655Pages: 129 pagesFormat: PaperbackPrice: RM59.00Weight: 0.31kgSynopsis:Surah al-Mulk (The Kingdom) invites the reader to look at how the universe moves by God's will, under His perfect control, succinctly captured within its opening verse: Blessed is the...
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