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Healing Carefulliy Through God's Love and Light By Nurliyana Rahmat

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Author: Nurliyana Rahmat

About Book: Healing Carefulliy is Nurliyana Rahmat’s collection of writings in her journey of seeking Allah’s love. She seeks redemption, hope, guidance and light in her path towards Allah. This book will encompass the beginnings of her journey back to Allah, from letting go of her attachments to overcoming life’s challenges, embracing purpose and Allah’s plans for her. She intends to allow readers to seek healing through Allah throughout the hardships in life. Healing Carefulliy is a reminder for her first and foremost, that the path of Allah is not easy but is going to be worth it.

About Author: Nurliyana Rahmat (also known as Liy) is a Singaporean writer, currently pursuing a Specialised Diploma for Quran Teachers at Darul Quran, Singapore to become a qualified Quran Teacher. She is currently a passionate teacher at an Islamic preschool. Prior to teaching, she graduated from Republic Polytechnic with a Diploma in Civil Aviation.
Liy enjoys being in the company of books and nature. She frequents the beach for leisure and being a bibliophile, she ensures that she never leaves home without a book or two.
Long bus rides, strolls and calm surroundings set the environment that fuels her inspiration to write, allowing her to ponder and reflect and let her words flow.
In her early 20s, Liy used to volunteer and participate in soulful and knowledge-based events. Through this exposure, she is now a dedicated self-empowerment event organiser. She initiated From Heart to Hearts to empower women and cultivate sisterhood.
She hopes to allow sisters to know that they are not alone in their struggles and that there is always a support system for them to rely on through From Heart to Hearts.
Liy believes that everything in life goes in unity with donuts. Nothing ever goes wrong with them!
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Healing Carefulliy Through God's Love and Light By Nurliyana Rahmat
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