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Letters to God Series (Abridged - Vol. 2) by Norhafsah Hamid

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Author: Norhafsah Hamid
Publisher: Iman Publication
Year Published: 2022
Language: English
ISBN: 9789672459392
Pages: 470 pages
Format: Paperback
Price: RM 35.00
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Crying doesn't mean you’re questioning God’s plan.

It means that you’re human. ”Sarah—now a full-fledged lawyer, struggling to balance her work and life. As Sarah and her friends were tussling to adjust with adulthood, Jonah the ‘Romeo’ started a new religious journey.

Just when she thought life was about to get rosy, test and hardships came rolling in. Sarah was taunted and accused of being barren by a family member and had to ward off a shameless seducer away from her husband.

Despite unrelentless tribulations, Sarah found strength in love, friendship and family.

Will Sarah, Jonah and their friends finally find contentment in life?

In this novel, the author takes you on a final journey of heartfelt love, unwavering friendship and reaffirming faith.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
A very inspiring story

A very inspiring story. I love on how she put her trust on Allah and everything and how the letter to Allah shows that is the good way on how we communicate between Allah and us.

This is story on how an introvert person continues her degree in UK alone. But what I can say that she is actually is trully blessed than how she think. Well, i am not in her shoes so I cant say much but from the stories, I really think she is a blessed girl. She has a true find, happy family and good people around her in UK despite she faced many challenges from other Muslim.

A good stories to read.

Tyrah Draman
it definitely has taken me back to my creator and learned to be grateful

Despite several grammatical errors, I absolutely enjoyed reading this book.it definitely has taken me back to my creator and learned to be grateful for even the tiniest blessings given by Him. I found this book sincerely inspiring and Sarah is such a strong character that I wish I could be like her. I learned a lot from her and her friends as well. It has also significantly changed my perception of other religions and non Muslim I would say. For some unknown reasons, I relate myself to Sarah a lot, though I'm not a lawyer nor I have ever set my foot out of Malaysia. 😁 Such a good writing with simple English, hence 5 stars is all I could think of

Safa Safwan
Everything about this book is great, masya-Allahu ta'ala

The cover, the contents, the arrangement of stories, the uncomplicated words, the everything lah! 😁
From the first chapter until the last chapter (26th)–i flew my mind to Reading University, Reading National Library, Sibly Hall, Littlewoods, Sainsbury, Sarah's dome etc.
I adores the bright personality of the main character; Sarah. That beautiful relationship she has with the Almighty Allah through her letters are so pleasing and lovely.
Each letters are truly inspiring. The way she convey and utter her words to Allah are something that i loooveee to hear and read. The honesty she shows in conveying her emotions to Allah– has made myself adored Sarah's character in each letter–aren't you? she is so cute, ain't she? 😉

Letters to God Series (Abridged - Vol. 2) by Norhafsah Hamid
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