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GILA: A Journey Through Moods & Madness

The young man convinced he’s being tailed by spies; the mother helping her daughter overcome the voices in her head; the psychiatrist freeing his patients from the chains that bind them (literally); the woman who believes she can walk on water …

Here are the untold stories of the men and women living with mental illness in Malaysia, as well as those who love, care for, work with and fight for them. Filled with heart-wrenching personal stories, expert commentary, and helpful resources from patients, caregivers, psychologists, psychiatrists, volunteers and advocates, GILA offers a glimpse into a rarely seen or spoken-of world: the Malaysian mental health industry.

“This is a book that pulls no punches. Its provocative title immediately draws your attention to the complex and often challenging issues that face mental health service delivery in our country, and the author is bold, yet passionate in her approach … A fascinating and thought-provoking book.”

Dato’ Dr Andrew Mohanraj, Mental Health Promotion Advisory Council, Ministry of Health Malaysia

Hanna Alkaf has over 10 years of experience in journalism and communications. She currently juggles freelance writing assignments, personal works-in-progress, and motherhood.



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