In Their Tested Moments: Stories of Strength, Mercy & Hope of the People in the Quran by Syaari Ab Rahman
View this post on Instagram A post shared by IMAN Shoppe Bookstore® (@imanshoppe_official) Author: Syaari Ab Rahman Publisher: IMAN Publication Year Published: 2021 Language: English ISBN: 9789672459316 Pages: 300 pages Format: Paperback Weight: 300 g Synopsis: Through their tested moments,...
RM40.00 RM36.00
Tearful Moments of Rasulullah by Yahya Ibrahim
Author : Yahya Ibrahim Publisher : Tertib PublishingYear published : November 2019Genre : Seerah, BiographiesISBN : 9789671740262Pages : 210 pgFormat: PaperbackThe aim of this short work, which grew from a series of lectures delivered by Shaykh Yahya Ibrahim is to...
The Beneficial Means to a Happy Life by Moutasem Al-Hameedy
Author: Moutasem Al-HameedyPublisher: Tertib PublishingYear Published: August 2019Language: EnglishGenre: MotivationISBN: 9789671740231Pages: 74Format: Paperback This book contains beneficial points that can help us achieve one important dream in our lives—happiness. It is based on a discussion on a book by a renowned...
The Path Seekers by Alaa Elsayed
Author : Alaa ElsayedPublisher: Tertib PublishingYear Published: December 2019Language: EnglishGenre: SPiritualISBN: 9789671740279Pages: 114Format: Paperback In this life, there are some people you want to follow and there are some people you want to stay away from. the scholars say, "There are...
Faith versus Materialism The Message of Surat al-Kahf by Abul Hasan Ali Nadwi
Author: Abul Hasan Ali NadwiISBN: 9789839154788Format: Paperback The methodology of reform evolved by God's apostles is inspired by an unflinching faith and sincere conviction in the After-Life. On the other hand, the idea of After-Life is often employed by the...
Morality In The Qur'an The Greater Good of Humantity by M.A. Draz
Author: M.A. DrazPublisher: IBTISBN: 9789670526461Year: 2018Pages: 137Weight: 288g Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah Draz (1312-1377 H, 1894-1958 CE) is often referred to as “the teacher of the teachers” and in “a league of his own”. He is one of the most important...
Fifteen Letters by Shaikh Abd Al-Qadir Al-Jilani
Author: Shaikh Abd Al-Qadir Al-JilaniISBN: 9789670526140Pages: 108 Shaikh ‘Abd al-Qadir al-Jilani is arguably the greatest figure in the history of Sufism. His teachings have attracted millions to Islam and helped countless Muslims understand the spiritual journey that this great religion...
Membunuh Muhammad by Hilal Asyraf
Penulis: Hilal AsyrafPenerbit: Hilal Asyraf ResourcesTahun Terbit: 2019Bahasa: MelayuGenre: FiksyenISBN: 9789672208099Ketebalan: 450Format: Paperback Pertembungan antara kebenaran dan kebatilan semakin memuncak. Inteligen Kerajaan Malaysia masih tidak berputus asa memburu Nobu sebelum impiannya untuk merentas masa direalisasikan. Tetapi pasukan Afam, Bakri, Faisal dan...
Samurai Melayu by Hilal Asyraf
Penulis: Hilal AsyrafPenerbit: Hilal Asyraf ResourcesTahun Terbit: 2019Bahasa: MelayuGenre: FiksyenISBN: 9789671464267Ketebalan: 449Format: Paperback Sambungan kepada Encik Pembunuh ini mengisahkan Mus'ab, seorang ejen rahsia bagi Organisasi Ryuken yang dihantar ke Malaysia untuk diaktifkan kelak. Namun 15 tahun berlalu, Mus'ab langsung tidak diaktifkan....
Encik Pembunuh by Hilal Asyraf
Penulis: Hilal AsyrafPenerbit: Hilal Asyraf ResourcesTahun Terbit: 2019Bahasa: MelayuGenre: FiksyenISBN: 9789672208150Ketebalan: 438Format: Paperback "Ahli-ahli dunia gelap telah menggelarnya sebagai 'Izrail' kerana setiap kali organisasi dunia gelap tumbang,. Dialah yang 900 nyawa. Namun Faisal sudah rasa muak denga darah dan mula tawar...
Dunia Tanpa Tembok 3 By Ayman Rashdan Wong
Penulis: Ayman Rashdan WongPenerbit: Patriots PublishingTahun Terbit: 2020Bahasa: MelayuGenre: Sains politikISBN: 9789672437000Ketebalan: 390Format: Paperback 30 tahun telah berlalu sejak runtuhnya Tembok Berlin pada tahun 1989 yang menamatkan Perang Dingin. Optimisme tentang masa depan dunia yang lebih terbuka, tanpa sempadan, saling terhubung kini...
Enam Angka Menjelang Disember by Azraei Muhamad
Penulis: Azraei MuhamadPenerbit: Write & Brave (Terfaktab Media)Tahun Terbit: September 2020Bahasa: MelayuGenre: Bukan Fiksyen, Ekonomi, SosialISBN: 9789671597279Ketebalan: 239 m/sFormat: Soft coverAda apa dengan enam angka menjelang dua puluh lima?Ia bukan tentang destinasi, tetapi tentang perjalanan yang membuka mata.Untuk enam angka...
Politik Untuk Pemula by Ayman Rashdan Wong
Author: Ayman Rashdan WongPublisher: Patriots PublishingYear Published: 2021Language: Bahasa MelayuISBN: 9789672437161Pages: 270 pagesFormat: PaperbackPrice: RM38.00Apakah punca kekacauan politik?Bagaimanakah untuk mewujudkan kerajaan yang stabil?Sejauh mana kita faham tentang sistem ‘demokrasi berparlimen dengan raja berperlembagaan’ yang diamalkan oleh negara kita?Mengapa ahli politik...
Up in the Jambu Tree By Sabariah Faridah Jamaluddin
Sabariah Faridah Jamaluddin978-967-0645-54-4Sarah and Emir love to spend time up in the Jambu Tree.They explore various occupation ideas and have fun pretending to be a doctor, a farmer and many more
Dates for Grandmother's Iftar By Sharina Samsudin
978-967-0645-69-8Sharina SamsudinDaniels grandmother would like some dates for oftar.So his grandfarther is taking him to the supermarket.While at the supermarket,Daniels learn about the different types of fruits.Lets learn about fruits,including the ones mentioned in the Holy quran!
Abi's New Red Car By Abdun Nizar Ahmad
Abdun Nizar Ahmad978-967-0645-66-7Daniels father has brought home a new car.His family is taking the car on a road trip from the city to the village to visit Nenek and Atuk.Along the way, they see many types of transportation.Lets find out...
A Juz A Day Summary of the Quran by Yahya Ibrahim
Author: Yahya Ibrahim Publisher: Tertib PublishingYear Published: 2019Language: EnglishGenre: Al-QuranISBN: 9789671724811 Pages: 192 Format: Paperback The Qur’an refers to a wealth of human experience, seeking to enrich our lives on earth before our eventual return to our Maker, the Most High. Although it is impossible...
RM75.00 RM71.25
Dealing with Worries and Stress by Sheikh Muhammad Salih Al-Munajjid
Author : Sheikh Muhammad Salih Al-Munajjid Pages : 96 It is the nature of this life that people will suffer from worries and stress, because this world is the place of disease, hardship and suffering.It is also the nature of...
Calling Me Softly by Norhafsah Hamid
Author: Norhafsah Hamid Pages: 139 Published: 2018 'Calling Me Softly' is a personal journey in getting to know the exemplary lifestyle of Allah's Messenger Muhammad pbuh as a role model man, as a teacher, as a husband, as a friend,...
With the Heart in Mind by Mikaeel Ahmed Smith
Author : Mikaeel Ahmed SmithPublisher: QalamYear Published: 2019Language: EnglishGenre: Spiritual, PsychologyISBN: 9781733625609Pages: 192Format: PaperbackWith the Heart in Mind is an inquiry into the nature of the intellect and how classical Islamic theologians understood the nature and function of the intellect. With...
Trying to be Muslim (Revised Limited Edition) by Norhafsah Hamid
[Hard Cover] Author: Norhafsah Hamid The book,Trying To be Muslim is a real live account of a Muslim woman trying to rediscover the religion she was born into;Islam. Realising she knew very little about her religion made her wonder whether...
Repentance Breaking the Habit of Sin by Omar Suleiman
Author : Omar SuleimanPublisher: Tertib PublishingYear Published: January 2020Language: EnglishGenre: SpiritualISBN: 9789671740293Pages: 127Format: PaperbackImagine having to stand in front of Allah SWT and watch the sin being committed in front of you then having to explain it. Allah SWT mentioned in...
Dunia Tanpa Tembok By Ayman Rashdan Wong
Penulis: Ayman Rashdan WongPenerbit: Patriots PublishingTahun Terbit: 2019Bahasa: MelayuGenre: Bukan fiksyen, umumISBN: 9789671539408Ketebalan: 245Format: Paperback Ilmu adalah kuasa.Bahasa adalah simbolik.Geografi adalah takdir.Ketiga-tiga ungkapan ini adalah faktor yang boleh meruntuhkan tembok perbezaan manusia di dunia dalam mencapai kata sepakat dan kefahaman antara...
Back to Basics by Norhafsah Hamid
Author: Norhafsah HamidPublisher: A.S. NoordeenISBN: 9789830653631Pages: 236 The book, 'Trying to be Muslim - Back to Basics' is a continuation of a real account of the journey of a Muslim woman who realised that she was not a Muslim in...

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