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Blessed Unions by Khairun Atika Kamsan
Author: Khairun Atika KamsanPublisher: Bilal BooksYear Published: 2022Language: EnglishISBN: 9789811845574Pages: 239 pagesFormat: PaperbackPrice: RM60.00Weight: 0.28kgSinopsis Anaya Elias is always composed, wise and calm. The compassionate and reliable preschool teacher seems to have the answer to everything, yet few know of...
Ubah Patah Hati Jadi Prestasi
Ubah Patah Hati Jadi PrestasiAuthor: Addien Abdul Kadir / Dwi SuwiknyoPublisher: Puteh PressYear Published: 2021Language: Bahasa MelayuISBN:9789673694679Pages: 297 pagesFormat: PaperbackPrice: RM40.00Weight : 313gUrusan hati adalah antara urusan yang paling susah untuk difahami. Kerana pada seketul hati ada sebuah kitaran kejam...
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Homebound by Humairah Jamil
Author: Humairah JamilPublisher: Bilal BooksYear Published: 2022Language: EnglishISBN: 9789811843167Pages: 136 pagesFormat: PaperbackPrice: RM60.00Weight: 0.17kgSinopsis Homebound is the debut collection of poems by Humairah Jamil, a Singapore writer. During the author's Umrah trip in 2016, she revisited Mecca and Medina where...
[DEFECT] Prayers For The Anxious Heart by Khwaja Ehsanullah Sha
Categorized as 'DEFECT' This is a defect product. The condition(s) may be as below: Defect on the cover (e.g crease, scratch) Defect on the book spine (e.g dent) Defect on the pages (e.g spot, uneven, uncut, crease) But worry not,...
Desiring Light by Ameera Aslam
Author: Ameera AslamPublisher: Bilal Books (August 2020)Language: EnglishGenre: Poems & ReflectionsISBN: 9789811457098Pages: 132Format: Soft coverDesiring Light is Ameera Aslam's first collection of poetry & prose. They are about traversing the spiritual path in modern times, grief, hope and God's Overflowing...
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