Talk to Allah By Ayesha Syahira
When was the last time you really poured your feelings out to Allah? **** We have been taught that the only time we can communicate with Allah is when we are making duā€™a to Him. Even then, it comes with...
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You Are Loved (Softcover Edition) by Mizi Wahid
Author:Ā Mizi WahidPublisher:Ā Iman PublicationYear Published:Ā 2021Language:Ā EnglishISBN: 978-967-2459-25-5Pages:Ā 202 pagesFormat:Ā PaperbackGenre:Ā Spiritual Synopsis: It has become harder to love ourselves each day, especially when all we see are perfectly curated posts of other people's happiness on social media.We begin to fall a downward spiral of thoughts...
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Back to Basics by Norhafsah Hamid
Author: Norhafsah HamidPublisher: A.S. NoordeenISBN: 9789830653631Pages: 236 The book, 'Trying to be Muslim - Back to Basics' is a continuation of a real account of the journey of a Muslim woman who realised that she was not a Muslim in...
Trying to be Muslim (Revised Limited Edition) by Norhafsah Hamid
[Hard Cover] Author: Norhafsah Hamid The book,Trying To be Muslim is a real live account of a Muslim woman trying to rediscover the religion she was born into;Islam. Realising she knew very little about her religion made her wonder whether...
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