Arkitek Jalanan by Teme Abdullah
Paperback, 328 pages ISBN13 : 9789832423430 Diterbitkan : April 2017 To be honest, aku bosan dah dengar orang cakap, “Belajarlah kerana Allah.” Setiap kali aku mengadu down, setiap kali aku mengeluh nak give up... Aku diam sajalah, acah-acah makan dalam....
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Signature Jalanan By Teme Abdullah
Penulis: Teme Abdullah Halaman: 306 "Aku faham perasaan yang kau cerita kat aku mula-mula tadi... Rasa macam seakan-akan dilahirkan bodoh daripada orang lain. Orang lain boleh score exam. Aku pulak tak boleh score. Dahlah lambat membaca. Huruf pun aku tertukar-tukar....
RM33.00 RM29.70
Prayers of the Pious by Omar Suleiman
Author: Omar SuleimanPublisher: Kube Publishing LtdYear Published: 2019Language: EnglishGenre: SpiritualISBN: 9781847741295Pages: 144Format: Hardcover Imam Ahmad was once asked, what is the distance between us and the throne of God? A pious prayer from a pure heart, was his reply, that’s how...
Nota My #QuranTime Juzuk 2
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Nota My #QuranTime Juzuk 2
Penulis: Yayasan Warisan Ummah Ikhlas Penerbit: Karya Bestari Tahun Terbit: November 2020 Bahasa: Melayu Genre: Nota, Tadabbur ISBN: 9789678609791 Ketebalan: 357 m/s Format: Soft cover Halaman: Berwarna Sejajar dengan tujuan program My#QuranTime yang disiarkan di TV ALHIJRAH Iaitu mahu menjadi...
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Dunia Tanpa Tembok 3 By Ayman Rashdan Wong
Penulis: Ayman Rashdan WongPenerbit: Patriots PublishingTahun Terbit: 2020Bahasa: MelayuGenre: Sains politikISBN: 9789672437000Ketebalan: 390Format: Paperback 30 tahun telah berlalu sejak runtuhnya Tembok Berlin pada tahun 1989 yang menamatkan Perang Dingin. Optimisme tentang masa depan dunia yang lebih terbuka, tanpa sempadan, saling terhubung kini...
The Qur'an A Translation For The 21st Century by Adil Salahi
Author: Adil SalahiPublisher: Kube PublishingYear Published: 2019Language: EnglishGenre: Al-QuranISBN: 9780860377252Pages: 640Format: Paperback A Translation for the 21st Century Translated by: Adil Salahi The Qur’an is God’s book, and He says that it sets things in clear and easy to understand language....
RM80.00 RM72.00
Nota My #QuranTime Juzuk 4
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Nota My #QuranTime Juzuk 4
Penulis: Yayasan Warisan Ummah Ikhlas Penerbit: Karya Bestari Tahun Terbit: Februari 2021 Bahasa: Melayu Genre: Nota, Tadabbur ISBN: 9789678609852 Ketebalan: 357 m/s Format: Soft cover Halaman: Berwarna Sejajar dengan tujuan program My #QuranTime yang disiarkan di TV ALHIJRAH Iaitu mahu menjadi platform solidariti ummah...
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My Ramadan Story by Huda Nawawi
Author: Huda Nawawi Illustrator: Asrar This story was based on an actual event. It happened in 2016 at Irving School, New Jersey. Iman's first fasting experience makes her classmates curious. To answer all the questions, Mrs Zarra, Iman's class teacher...
Tearful Moments of Rasulullah by Yahya Ibrahim
Author : Yahya Ibrahim Publisher : Tertib PublishingYear published : November 2019Genre : Seerah, BiographiesISBN : 9789671740262Pages : 210 pgFormat: PaperbackThe aim of this short work, which grew from a series of lectures delivered by Shaykh Yahya Ibrahim is to...
Akhlaaq Building Series Forgiving Others by Ali Gator
Author: Ali Gator Publisher: Kube Publishing LtdYear Published: 2019Language: EnglishGenre: ChildrenISBN: 9781921772337Pages: 24Format: Soft cover About:Inspires children to develop good manners through fun stories inspired by the Prophet Muhammad.In Forgiving Others Ali's friend Faisal shows him that good friends always forgive each other,...
The Miracle of The Qur'an by Dr Yasir Qadhi
Author : Dr. Yasir QadhiPublisher: Tertib PublishingYear Published: January 2020Language: EnglishGenre: Spiritual, MotivationISBN: 9789672420026Pages: 54Format: PaperbackThe Miracle of The Qur’an. The Qur'an is the greatest miracle God (Allah) and the Qur'an is the proof of the truthfulness of Islam. It is...
Blessed Names and Attributes of Allah by Abdur Raheem Kidwai
Author: Abdur Raheem KidwaiPublisher: Kube PublishingYear Published: 2019Language: EnglishGenre: SpiritualISBN: 9781847740878Pages: 123Format: Hard cover"Allah, there is no god but He! To Him belong the most Beautiful Names." —The Qur'an."Allah's are the names most beautiful. Whatever is in the heavens and...
A Remarkable Ramadan by Najibah Nasruddin
Author: Najibah NasruddinIllustrator: Mariam IdrisPublisher: Tertib PublishingYear Published: March 2021Language: EnglishGenre: ChildrenAge Recommendation: 4 - 7 yearsISBN: 9789672420682Pages: 12Format: Board bookHere comes Ramadan!A remarkable month to plan.As we see the moon from afar,we shall recite du’a and adhkar.With sources from...
Conditions Of La Ilaaha Illallah by Jamaal Al-Din Zarabozo
Author: Jamaal Al-Din ZarabozoPublisher: Dakwah Corner BookstoreYear Published: 2017Language: EnglishGenre: AqidahISBN: 9789670835181Pages: 51Format: Paperback The famous Taabi’i Wahb ibn Munabbih was once asked, “Isn’t the statement of laa ilaaha ill-Allah the key to Paradise?” He answered, “Yes, but every key has...
Towards Understanding The Qur'an Abridged Version of Tafhim Al-Qur'an by Zafar Ishaq Ansari
Author: Syed Abul A'la Mawdudi Translated by : Zafar Ishaq AnsariPublisher: Kube Publishing LtdYear Published: 2016Language: EnglishGenre: Al-QuranISBN: 9780860375104Pages: 1408Format: Paperback Towards Understanding The Qur’an Abridged version is a fresh English rendering of Tafhim al-Qur’an, Sayyid Mawdudi’s monumental and masterly Urdu translation of...
A Treatise on Loving The Prophet by Dr. Fadhl Ilahi Zahir
Author: Dr. Fadhl Ilahi ZahirPublisher: Karya PiSLanguage: EnglishGenre: Motivation, History, AkhlakISBN: 9789672910022Pages: 112 pagesFormat: Soft cover Indeed, one of the obligations that are incumbent upon a Muslim is to love the Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم more than all other creations. And whoever does this,...
What I Would Like for Ramadan by Putri Tasneem
Author: Putri TasneemPublisher: Tertib PublishingYear Published: April 2021Language: EnglishISBN: 9789672420972Pages: 73 pagesFormat: PaperbackPrice: RM39.90Weight : 200gThe moon had been sighted, and this year, Daniel would be fasting his first Ramadan. Would he be able to make it? Come and join Daniel...
Allah Will Protect Me by Sidra Hashmani
Author: Sidra Hashmani Publisher: Tertib Publishing Year Published: September 2020 Language: English Genre: Children book ISBN: 9789672420125 Pages: 40 Format: Hardcover Ibrahim was starting to get very nervous hearing the talk and fear surrounding the new outbreak, where a lot...
Fifteen Letters by Shaikh Abd Al-Qadir Al-Jilani
Author: Shaikh Abd Al-Qadir Al-JilaniISBN: 9789670526140Pages: 108 Shaikh ‘Abd al-Qadir al-Jilani is arguably the greatest figure in the history of Sufism. His teachings have attracted millions to Islam and helped countless Muslims understand the spiritual journey that this great religion...
A Treasury of Hadith A Commentary on Nawawi's Forty Prophetic Traditons by Ibn Daqiq al-'Id
Author: Ibn Daqiq al-Id, and Imam Nawawi. Translated by Mokrane GuezzouPublisher: Kube Publishing LtdYear Published: 2014Language: EnglishGenre: HadithISBN: 9781847740670Pages: 200Format: Hardback Imam Nawawi’s collection of 42 hadith brings together some of the most important and pivotal Prophetic traditions. Each tradition encapsulates a great...
Tafsir Surah Al-Ikhlas by Imam Al-Sa'di; Imam Al-Tabari; & Imam Ibnu Kathir
Penulis: Imam Al-Sa'di; Imam Al-Tabari; & Imam Ibnu KathirPenterjemah: Maktabah Dar Ar-Rakhis EnterprisePenerbit: Karya PiSTahun Terbit: Mei 2019Bahasa: Melayu & ArabGenre: TafsirISBN: 9789671707425Ketebalan: 165 m/sFormat: Soft coverIni merupakan kompilasi tafsir oleh tiga ulama mufassir yang mahsyur dan ulung dalam bidangnya, dalam mentafsirkan sebuah surah...
A Treasury Of Ghazali A Companion for the Untethered Soul by Mustafa Abu Sway
Author: Imam al-Ghazali, Mustafa Abu Sway (translator)Publisher: Kube Publishing LTDYear Published: 2017Language: EnglishGenre: Spiritual, philosophyISBN: 9781847740816Pages: 200Format: Hardcover This collection of short wisdoms from the works of Imam al-Ghazali reflects the broad range of his brilliant intellectual thought. With an emphasis upon...
7 Steps to Spiritual Intelligence by Musharraf Hussain
Author: Musharraf HussainPublisher: Kube PublishingYear Published: 2014Language: EnglishGenre: Spiritual, Self-helpISBN: 9781847740786Pages: 94Format: Soft coverA contemporary and highly accessible way to understand and apply Islamic teachings to spirituality. Based on classical Islamic scholarship."When you are spiritually intelligent you become more aware...
Let Us Be Muslims by Sayyid Abdul A'la Mawdudi
Author: Sayyid Abdul A'la Mawdudi Publisher: Kube Publishing LtdYear Published: 2018Language: EnglishGenre: SpiritualISBN: 9780860371571Pages: 312Format: Paperback This is a new revised and edited edition of Sayyid Mawdudi’s Urdu Khutubat which cover themes pillar of Islam (faith, prayer, fasting, charity, and pilgrimage); and...

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