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Unfollow The Flow By Aiman Azlan

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Paperback, 202 Pages
Genre: Self-Help
Language: English

“I'm tired of being compared. Like I’m supposed to follow what my peers are doing to achieve their kind of success, instead of doing what I really want to do in life.”


We often imagine our future to be built upon our goals and dreams, but presently it seems everyone else is ahead of us. One has a dream job as a career, one is about to start a beautiful family, and another is paving a wealthy future for himself.

We start to wonder and find ourselves stuck at an intersection :
Should we follow the path of others to gain success or can we define our own happiness?

Deciding to go against the flow of the norm is scary because we are afraid to choose. What if we choose wrongly? What if we fail and ruin our future?

In this book, Aiman Azlan takes readers on an explorative journey of owning one’s life choices. It might not be a life like the others but in unfollowing the flow, perhaps we will be able to discover a life of meaning – one that is true to us.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
A great self-help book! Perfect guide indeed

I have all three books by this favorite author (AA). The content are very helpful for me to face the quarter life crisis. Thank youu! I will absolutely recommend these 3 books to young adults ;)


Another great book written by Aiman Azlan helps a lot to open our mind the importance of 3P (Purpose, Principle, Passion) in our life. Anyone who searching for motivation book especially in relation to their life journey, I strongly recommend this book.

It’s the best curated book for you!

First and foremost,it really opens up yourself to open your eyes accepting the reality.You need to have passion in your life and this book might help you though as you embark on the journey to replenish those passion.Anyway,its kinda relatable for people who are lost without any interest in what they do but if you prefer motivation,I would recommend the book Unshakeable.Thumbs up to Aiman Azlan 👍🏻!


Unfollow The Flow By Aiman Azlan


Unfollow The Flow By Aiman Azlan

Unfollow The Flow By Aiman Azlan
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