Daughters of Eve: Islam and Female Emancipation By M. Jamal Haider

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Title: Daughters of Eve: Islam and Female Emancipation
Author: M. Jamal Haider
Publisher: The Other Press
Year Published: 2020
Language: English
Genre: Women
ISBN: 9789670957388
Pages: 242
Format: Softcover
Weight: 0.5kg
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It is amazing, the true story of female emancipation. Unknown to most people, about 1400 years ago, the first enduring stand for female rights was taken in Madinah.

A historical unveiling with poetical inspiration, this book artfully narrates a brief comparative analysis about the status of women through the three ages of the world:

  • Women in the ancient age (pre 7th century CE)
  • Women in the Islamic age (7th-18th century CE approximately)
  • Women in the modern age.

This book succinctly establishes how female conditions changed from ancient past to the modern times—it narrates what were the issues women have faced in the past, and what they are still facing in modernity. It discusses topics like why the Prophet married a number of times, the contributions of Muslim female scholars, and towards the end of the book, it clarifies some of the common misconceptions about Islamic injunctions regarding women.


Pertamanya, saya sentiasa look up kepada penulis yang ada hybrid background (Islam dan tidak), selain bergiat dengan kesemasaan (hal ehwal, isu semasa). Penulisnya juga mahir mengarang, tidak terlalu akademik tidak terlalu terawang-awang sangat, Goldilocks Condition dalam bahasa Inggerisnya, full time writer tak silap sekarang ni.

Keduanya, konten M. Jamal Haider antara sedikit penulis yang mencerakinkan agama dalam landskap semasa secara adil dan santun lagi. Tak liar dan angkuh, tak juga terlalu play safe, tak rasa lah ada elemen Buccailism sangat. Best.- Kubaib Asmadi. 

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Norshafarina Faharuddin (goodreads)

It is a good book to understand Islam & Female Emancipation based on the true story from Quran & others

Daughters of Eve: Islam and Female Emancipation By M. Jamal Haider
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