(A True Story) Allah Sent Lightning To Answer The Woman's Du’a

A Real Life Story That Made You Realized the 'Power' of Making Du’a to Allah SWT.

This is a true story happened to a very famous neurologist doctor. You know there was a Sheikh who mentioned this in Saudi Arabia. There was a doctor from Pakistan and told him a story. He’s a doctor who's a top neurologist. Very very good doctor, very busy and hard to meet. It says that perhaps you'd have to wait months on end before you can get a single appointment to see him. 

So what happened is the doctor said, there was one time that I was flying from one city to another. I’m on a plane to go to my patient area. Suddenly the clouds built, the lightning started striking and it started pouring. There was lots of turbulence and one of the plane engines was sucked and it was damaged so we had to land.

And so what happened is, the landing was at the nearby a little airport. A very remote area. The question is how they are going to repair the craft? Because they landed it in such a remote place no one's there to repair it. They would have to wait definitely. So the doctor asks the pilot, “How long are it’s going to be to fix the plane?”. The pilot said, “We're going to be quite long”. While the doctor needs to get to his patient area soon. The pilot just said “Look, it's just a three-hour drive with the vehicle, so why don't you just go by the road?”. The doctor said “Well that, seems like a good idea”. So he decides to go on one of the trade shows you know in Pakistan one of the areas wherever it was and he jumped in.

And as they started progressing via vehicle, the cloud starts building again and the light spikes and it was pouring so much that the vehicle could not move much more because of the mud as it was quite an open area with a bit of farmland. After a while, they realized they were not getting anywhere.

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Suddenly there was a little house, “So why don't we just go there, and we can perform our Salah perhaps we can, you know, have a bit of a meal or whatever else”. And they decided to knock the door of strange people, strange land, far out in the urban area. He's got his little bag and everything. He walks in, old lady happened to answer the door after a while and they spoke to her.

The doctor said, look, this is what has happened and we're going from so-and-so to sort, so we just want a place to perform Salah and so forth. And the old lady said, “No problem, you can come in”. When they were about to leave, they spoke to the old lady, you know just want to say a little thank you.

Then suddenly, their conversations switch about a child in that house. The old woman said, “Look the child is an orphan and he’s unwell”. “We've been to all the doctors, and the doctors have told us that there is only one specialist who can help this child, a man who’s name by Dr Ishan, and we tried to make an appointment with him but they asked us to come six months later”. The old woman said “I've been making du’a to Allah ever since so that Allah makes it easy for us as the child is very sick”.

Immediately the doctor burst into tears. The old women said to the doctor, “Why’re crying?”. The doctor said, “Your du’a has been accepted!”. “For you du’a oo old women, thunder came, the lightning came, the engine struck, we came down, we came on the road, the rain came again and stopped us”. The doctor added, “and you know what, the rain just stopped when the question was asked.” And now the women started crying too. Subhanallah.

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When the story was shared to the Sheikh, the doctor said, “I learned that Allah armies are beyond limits”. “Allah uses whatever he wants to get what he wants done”. Everyone of us has needs for Allah. Just keep calling, just have conviction. It will definitely come in your direction, when the time comes. Insyaallah! The story obtained from one of Mufti Ismail Menk lecture videos.


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